Mondays… -@*~&#$^

Got my words on Dead Man’s Party — that was the fun, interesting, easy part.

We did a site update over at that was overall just buttery smooth. But I did not have “Test Downloads” in my list of post-update checking, and downloads were not, therefore, tested.

And guess what was broken?

Dan fixed them quickly and beautifully, but in the meantime, between the time we identified the presence of a problem and the time he fixed them,  I stressed out all over the place.

And there was just a ton of not-fun email.

And I’m just now getting to the FUN email, which is folks getting me their answers on my search for the identification of the genre I actually write…

Which is NOT Space Opera.

And while research has turned up some amazing gems, and while I had the coolest idea for the next stuff I want to to write (after I wrap Dead Man’s Party, The Wishbone Conspiracy, and The Emerald Sun), I’m still not even the littlest bit solid on how I can get my existing books re-classified and in front of the readers who will actually like them.

Should be an interesting week. I could totally give Monday Drama a miss, though.

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