Mona Lisa’s Secret

By Holly Lisle

I was invited to write a guest column for Romancing the Blog. Was asked to submit a photo to be used as my icon.

And I thought this one might be … well …. me_age_6 It’s my kindergarten picture, and it has the Mona Lisa smile I gave the bouncy, bossy photographer who wanted me to give him a BIG smile. That was not going to happen. Because right at that moment, you see, I had no front teeth. I love this picture because of what you can’t see.

Wonder if that was Mona Lisa’s secret, too.

Anyway, as regards things you can’t see, or haven’t seen — anyone have a question I haven’t answered that you’d like to see as my guest column? Can’t promise I’ll use your suggestions — if there’s more than one, I’ll have to guarantee that I won’t be using at least half of them. But I figure it never hurts to ask.

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