Misrepresentation by former Rebel Tales PROSPECTIVE editor

URGENT: For all writers and other folks interested in working with—or already working with—REBEL TALES.

Over the weekend I received an entire series of emails forwarded to my by REBEL TALES editor Kari Wolfe, who was contacted by a frustrated author after a former PROSPECTIVE editor of Rebel Tales misrepresented herself as a full editor with an upcoming season this March, with the authority to offer contracts.

Kate Ferrari, the ex-prospective editor, also SIGNIFICANTLY misrepresented REBEL TALES as an already up-and-running publishing house, not as a shoestring work-in-progress.

Further tracking by Kari Wolfe reveals that Ms. Ferrari also contacted other authors making the same claims.

While the other folks working on Rebel Tales with me and I know the person in question as Kate Ferrari, correspondence with one of the authors reveals she also used the names Kirsten Ferrari, and Kirsten

Please understand that while Ms. Ferrari acted directly against clearly defined guidelines in her role as a prospective editor, and also acted without my knowledge and consent, and although she is no longer associated in any way with Rebel Tales, as the publisher of REBEL TALES, I’m the person responsible for cleaning up the mess she left behind.

If you were contacted by Ms. Ferrari and sent her a story, please put all correspondence between you and Ms. Ferrari into a copy-and-paste text file, and create a help ticket at:


I will work with you to correct problems arising from Ms. Ferrari’s actions.

I apologize deeply for what has happened, and I will take every step necessary to make sure nothing like this happens again.


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34 responses to “Misrepresentation by former Rebel Tales PROSPECTIVE editor”

  1. Ramble Avatar

    Wow- I’m really sorry that happened to you, Holly, and to all the great writers that got scammed by this unscrupulous person. You do such great work to help other writers. Whatever you need to do to set this matter right again, I’m sure everyone here supports you. I know I do.

  2. Glynis Smy Avatar

    What a shame for you, Holly. You work so hard, and another rides on your back. I do hope you are not stressing too much, however, I am sure you are hurt.

  3. Rez Avatar

    What Gwendolyn R. McAllister says. And no screw-job can mess up enough to taint your repute — we out here, we readers and writers, we know better. Your name is still golden with us.

  4. Gwendolyn Avatar

    This is a dream-stealer at work. They move and manipulate to get what they want. In my eyes this has not diminished Rebel Tales or YOUR good name. How you proceed from here determines your character and the future of Rebel Tales.
    I know it hurts because you have invested yourself into this wonderful dream, but from dream-stealer prospective it is a juicy morsel. RT is tempting, everyone sees the potential in your endevor and the bad is going to come with the good. It is easy to take this personally. It is personal, this person brought a war to your doorstep.

    Take your time, center yourself. I believe in you, I know you believe in you. Maybe it is time to pull out “The Art of War” once more. Write a list of the damages this has caused, can you fix it? How? Your writers, editors and other staff are your soldiers, your men, talk to them and see if they want to persue this battle. Find out what ideas they have about it, take your list to your dream-weaving army. You have the best think-tank out there, Holly. Starting with you, and the team you have selected and the writers who meet your high standards. It is not just you who were wronged in this. It is every single person who chipped in to start pushing and pulling this wagon up the rocky mountainside. Now what is this team going to do when they meet a band of highwaymen?

    The stories submitted to this woman were gained under false pretenses, misrepresentation. Legally she cannot use them. Gather the information, like you have been for CYA (Cover Your Ass) manuevering, use the writing, if it leaks out from her, take her to court, with the writers backing you. Make it public in a big way, media will work for you in this and make RT a big name, drawing more readers and writers to your door.
    She also needs to be reported to “Preditors and Editors” so that current and future writers do not become her next prey.
    Another note, when authors submit to RT a confirmation e-mail should include the list of people who will contact that author and have authority to offer contracts, with a Rebel Tales dot com e-mail address for each of them.
    I’m not telling you what to do Holly, I’m just tossing ideas your way. This makes me feel hollow, soul-sick, and angry, all rolled up in a ball full of fun for everyone;) I’ll fight along side you, whether it be quiet support or knocking heads together, I’m game. Tell me what you need of me and I will do it with bells on, or off, if it involves secret ops. Contact me anytime.

    Always cheering for you,
    Gwendolyn R. McAllister

  5. Jessic@ Avatar

    Unbelievable. Just goes to show that some people have no qualms about just how low they’re willing to go. Disgusting. I hope this woman realizes who she’s dealing with and what she just brought down on herself.

    I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling right now, Holly. Try not to let her get you down. I know you’ll find something even better and that will be it’s revenge in itself. Keep in mind how miserable this woman must be that she gets her kicks dashing others’ dreams to the ground.

    Seems like you’ve got an army here backing you up. She’s got a few ripped off stories and nothing else.

    Take care or yourself. Try not to let the stress of this set off more migraines.

  6. Leon Aldrich Avatar
    Leon Aldrich

    This why I love the age of Google and email. Shady people can’t hide long.

  7. Davidh Digman Avatar
    Davidh Digman

    Just a thought about fraud.

    I’m not sure what the situation is in the US, but here in Australia, fraud is a criminal matter, not purely a civil one.

    If US law is anything at all like Australian law, you may be able to file criminal charges in this matter?

    Prosecute this shyster!

    Good luck, and you have more support than you may realise.

  8. Davidh Digman Avatar
    Davidh Digman

    Destruction is easy, creation is hard.

    That is why the creators are remembered, and the destroyers so easily forgotten.

    You will be remembered.

    Ferrari… isn’t that just an overrated sports car marque?

  9. Danzier Avatar

    This is kind of a reply to Catherine Grant’s post, and to Bill’s.

    Yes, it does sound like a case of criminal fraud. Yes, it’s probably worth looking into. Yes, I could write a movie script about this.

    Yes, we need a small, dream-driven publisher with guts and tenacity.

    What we don’t need, though, is trouble. Now I’m not saying to roll over and play dead. I’m one lesson into HTTS and I know–KNOW–Holly’s not going to let this slide, or anything of the sort. I don’t know what she plans to do, but I know it will be something, and I’m fairly sure it will be the right thing. Holly has been fighting for us, the little writers, for a long time, and she knows what she’s doing. Legally, I think if RT stayed open, there would be far more potential for harm, continued misrepresentation and illegality than there would be with it shut down. The first rule of cleaning up a mess is keep the problem from getting worse.

    What I AM saying is that by taking a stand with RT, with the dream and the drive, we have made a statement. That statement still stands. But it will have to stand under its own banner now. We know what we want, we know what we need from a small publisher, and we know by extension what we need to expect from ourselves as writers and as readers.

    And it would be a poor friend who vowed to join this fight and then ran from the first battle.

    Holly, you still have the leader’s role in this. How do we raise the standard? What steps do we take? What can we do to stand behind you, stand alone, and turn this dream into reality?

    1. Emily Avatar

      “Holly, you still have the leader’s role in this. How do we raise the standard? What steps do we take? What can we do to stand behind you, stand alone, and turn this dream into reality?”

      Well said!

    2. Ed Avatar

      Hear, hear! While Holly may not be able to officially direct the enterprise now, she sure as hell has raised a stable full of warhorses chomping at the bit to take up the fight.

      We wouldn’t live up to the Rebel Tales name if we chose to lay down and take this BS. And these Rebels certainly have a cause.

      I’m with Danzier. Holly, we understand your decision and respect your need to protect yourself, but there are plenty of us who are only too willing to raise the flag if you’ll direct us. What can we do to turn this wreck into a force to be reckoned with?

  10. claudia c Avatar
    claudia c

    This just isn´t fair! It looked like a wonderful venture! I know you are feeling depressed and cheated at the moment, but i hope you will consider NOT closing down Rebel Tales. These kind of things happen ( think Steve Jobs!) but you can´t let them get you down. Holly, you are better and stronger than that!!

  11. Irrevenant Avatar

    If you did want to take a collection to pursue legal action against Ms Ferrari, I for one, will chip in.

  12. Wanders Nowhere Avatar

    Holly, this kind of vileness happens all too often. Don’t let it beat you. If it takes a disclaimer (which should have been already fairly obvious) that the official secure methods of submitting to Rebel Tales are the ONLY way and to report to you anyone who tries to solicit stories claiming to be an editor, then put something up.
    Please don’t give up. There is too much potential in what you are trying to do.

  13. Silke Juppenlatz Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear this, Holly.
    But I fully understand your decision. There will be a mark against the name because of this woman’s actions, and dirt…sticks. The last thing you want associated with the RT name is a bad reputation, and she has done that already.
    As Bill says, it does sound like a criminal matter, because she attempted to trade on your company name. I believe that’s called fraud.
    However, such things cost money to pursue, and without knowing the real identity (for certain, seeing as she uses many aliases it seems), it might be hard to pin down.
    I’m truly sorry, it was a great idea.


  14. Amy Avatar

    Stinkers! Well, sounds like it is time to take the rock off the hole and let Ms. Ferrari reap the karma she has earned. I hear them, restless in their subterranean cavern. They are hungy and her wrong-doing calls to them, bone deep and as painful as hot iron. They are getting louder; just a moment while I move the rock before the neighbors notice.
    Yes, they are away now. It is oddly quiet when they take their leave, they save their breath for running once they break the surface. They only leave a some churned earth beside the opening and I cover that with compost from the bin at the back of the garden. When the curse brings them back, I will let you know if they have any paper or other useful material in their maws, I doubt there will be anything left though. They are cursed, but they are thorough.
    When you don’t want to do anyone harm, it is useful to have something around that must.

  15. Portia Sisco Avatar

    Holly, I’m so sorry to hear of this. I’m a great admirer of your courses and your mentorship of aspiring authors, and I’m sending positive thoughts your way.



  16. Bill Avatar

    I’m new to this forum, having signed up only days ago. However, I’m very sorry to hear what’s happened. If I understand the matter correctly, an individual named Ferrari misrepresented herself for the purpose of defrauding aspiring authors, possibly for the purpose of financial gain. On the surface, this sounds like both a civil and an interstate (federal) criminal matter, and I suggest you consider getting an attorney to examine the issues. There may be grounds for a civil suit as well as criminal charges against this individual.

  17. Emily Avatar

    Holly, this isn’t like you. You champion the midlist writer. I hope all you need is a good cry and some quiet time to reconsider

  18. Catherine Avatar


    Although I understand your reasoning for closing Rebel Tales, I’d like to ask you to reconsider. First, because closing down RT is a victory for this editor who tried to scam you and future RT authors. You’re not hurting her, she’ll just move and find another author to rip off. Who you are hurting are the hundreds or even thousands of writers and readers who would benefit and enjoy Rebel Tales when it did eventually break out of the box.

    What you said before still applies – the publishing world needs Rebel Tales. Writers need Rebel Tales. I need Rebel Tales to believe that in a cut-throat publishing world where my editor doesn’t give a shit about developing my career that there are publishers out there who are still interested in me as a writer and individual.

    Please reconsider this.

    Catherine Grant

    1. Tiffanie Avatar

      I think that the reputation of Rebel Tales will not be adversely affected by this in the long run, and, as has been said, you should look to trying again. As you see, you have many people’s support in this endeavor.


  19. Texanne Avatar

    You remember, I finally chose “Don’t Shoot” as my phrase for the year? Well, due to waiting for the kids to choose their phrase, I haven’t ordered my coin yet. Maybe “Don’t Shoot” needs to be rethought? (It’s a joke–I don’t have a gun!)

    Point is, some of us are considering just not accepting this. I’m going to the woods now, to look for Miracle Max. :)TX

  20. Ed Avatar

    Words cannot adequately express how enraged I am right now.

    While I’m tremendously disappointed that I will never be able to read or write for the much anticipated Rebel Tales, I am MORE pissed off that someone would have the temerity to hurt you, Holly. Over the years, you have become a mentor figure to me, and I have gained so much beyond just writing from you that it crushes me to see you dealt a blow like this. Especially when you have put so much of your heart and soul into building not just a business, but a vision, and when you were unwell, on top of that!

    You have our deepest condolences, and I’m sure a willing army ready to hunt down anyone who dares attempt such a travesty again. Please don’t let this set you back, Holly. You’re a true visionary, and God knows we have precious few of those left.

    Never give up on your dreams! I’m confident that someone as creative and driven as you will bounce back from this even stronger.

  21. Margaret Stratton Avatar
    Margaret Stratton

    Hey Holly,
    I’m so sorry to hear that Rebel Tales is closing. I appreciate all your hard work. It’s a shame that someone would be so deceitful, and that her actions could wreck your venture. I’d sent a query back in November and had looked forward to the opportunity to perhaps have the chance to have your editors read my work. Maybe someday!
    Just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying Create A Plot Clinic. Thanks so much for all your work.
    Kindest regards,

  22. Ludmila Avatar

    So sorry to hear about this. It’s painful to see a great idea ruined by a dishonest person like Ms. Ferrari.
    I’m sure everyone here is willing to offer whatever help and support you might need. I understand that it was a very hard decision for you to make. Please, be assured, that no one will blame you for what happened.

  23. Prue Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear that someone has gone way out of their remit zone and caused a whole heap of trouble, Holly. It’s a project you put a lot of effort into, and effort when you were unwell. To get so near and then have it sabotaged is so disappointing for you and so many others who have worked so hard to get Rebel Tales going.

    Will you be ressurecting Rebel Tales or has the damage gone too deep?
    It seems a pity one bad apple should ruin the whole barrel.

  24. Irrevenant Avatar

    Dammit Holly, don’t let HER actions kill YOUR dream!

    Do ANYTHING of consequence and there will be parasites and people working against it. Rebel Tales is definitely of consequence.

    Place the blame fairly where it belongs and move on. Don’t let it dictate to you, you’re stronger than that.

    *hugs* My sympathies.

  25. Anne Lyle Avatar

    So sorry to hear that all your hard work (and your genuine editors’ work) has been sabotaged by one selfish person. I wasn’t planning on submitting myself, as I don’t write much short fiction, but I know a lot of people will be awfully disappointed by this.

  26. Shauna Avatar

    I’m so sorry to hear this happened!
    Karma, just wait…

    What about starting another site/ezine with a different name?

  27. Tony Donovan Avatar
    Tony Donovan

    What this person did is so wrong! Holly, you are doing such a great job and it is sad to see there are such people out there in the world. As Emily said, you have our love and support. And also our thanks for all you do for us.

  28. Olga X. Avatar
    Olga X.

    Wow. Just, wow…

    I honestly started to type several responses, but actually nothing I came up with was really appropriate to the order of magnitude of this situation. I hope the whole cycle gets closed with minimal losses, both in the material aspects and the trust and good name, soon.

    Good luck and keep your head up.

  29. Emily Casey Avatar

    We know you’re working hard, Holly. I have such a great respect for what you’re doing for the writing community. I can’t believe someone is out there trying to sabotage it!
    You know you have our support and love.

  30. Texanne Avatar

    We are wondering when the Rebel Tales site will be back up, or is this problem so big that it has blown everything up?

    We’re here to help.

    1. Holly Avatar

      This problem was in fact that big. Rebel Tales is dead.

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