Misconception #1: Employees, mail fairies, or some third-world e-mail processing service read all my e-mails before I see them.

Answer to Misconception #1: I don’t have a staff. I don’t have a webmaster. I don’t have anyone who reads my mail but me, unless I run into a technical issue I can’t figure out on my own. (Dan Allen is my webmaster on HollysWritingClasses.com. Here, though, all you have is me.)  I’m it. I do read all my mail, but I don’t answer everything. I can’t.

Misconception #2: My webmaster will leap in and fix any typos or glitches you find on the site.

Answer to Misconception #2: Nope. Again, this is all me. I do my own site tech, layout and design, adding of articles, and bug-hunting…but if you find an error, realize that it is going to end up about 2487 lines down a to-do list that would make an obsessive-compulsive person take a short walk off a tall building.  I’m a bit driven…but I can, in fact, live with the fact that there’s a typo in an article.  I do it by reminding myself that the only way I can write long books and long writing courses is if I let some of the small things go.

Misconception #3: I have a secret door into a fast-time zone, and that’s why I’m so prolific.

Answer to Misconception #3: I wish. Lately I’ve been plagued by daily migraines, and these have played merry hell with both my creativity and my production schedule. My secret to getting things done is two-fold.

  • I keep a list of things I need to accomplish, and I work through it every day.
  • I put the small stuff at the bottom of the list.


I have a couple of web bots who collect questions for me (and answer ones that have been asked before. Kate and Bob work hard for me. Kate handles writing, Bob handles fiction.

If you ask something they haven’t seen before, they’ll save the question for me, and I’ll answer it, so that they’ll get better at this as you ask them what you need to know. If they let me know about questions I haven’t answered on the site — and they’re relevant — I’ll answer them in a post or an article.

I also read replies to my email lists. And I answer questions I receive through those lists as I can, but please realize that I get a LOT of email. My readers, writers, and class lists are all at the bottom of every page on this site. Sign up for the one that interests you.

Holly Lisle



FAQs About Persistent Misconceptions — 1 Comment

  1. I do appreciate all that you do. You don’t have to be as helpful as you are. You are a good person (no matter what anybody says!).

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