Misconception #1: Employees, mail fairies, or some third-world e-mail processing service read all my e-mails before I see them.

Answer to Misconception #1: I don’t have a staff. I don’t have a webmaster. I don’t have anyone who reads my mail but me, unless I run into a techical issue I can’t figure out on my own. (My technically brilliant friend Margaret Fisk steps in and bails me out in that case.)  Otherwise, I’m it. I do read all my mail, but I don’t answer everything. I can’t.

Misconception #2: My webmaster will leap in and fix any typos or glitches you find on the site.

Answer to Misconception #2: Nope. Again, this is all me. I do my own site tech, layout and design, adding of articles, and bug-hunting…but if you find an error, realize that it is going to end up about 2487 lines down a to-do list that would make an obsessive-compulsive person take a short walk off a tall building.  I’m a bit driven…but I can, in fact, live with the fact that there’s a typo in an article.  I do it by reminding myself that the only way I can write long books and long writing courses is if I let some of the small things go.

Misconception #3: I have a secret door into a fast-time zone, and that’s why I’m so prolific.

Answer to Misconception #3: I wish. Lately I’ve been plagued by daily migraines, and these have played merry hell with both my creativity and my production schedule. My secret to getting things done is two-fold.

  • I keep a list of things I need to accomplish, and I work through it every day.
  • I put the small stuff at the bottom of the list.


I’ve cut all my e-mails down to ONE online location, in order to cut down on the gawdawful amount of spam I had to wade through to find the real stuff, and because I realized trying to keep up with twenty separate e-mail addresses (seriously) was killing me.  If you want to drop me a line about the site, or if you have a problem with a course (or if you find a typo—but, really, would you rather have perfect articles or the next cool novel or writing course?) here’s the link: NovelWritingSchool.com/support

Holly Lisle


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