MINIONS!!! Minions are awesome! And today my main character had some!

I’ve run out of time, but I got 899 absolutely wicked words in Ohio 5 today.

My MC has some helpers who today, in her hour of need, turned into minions — and they’re about to wreck havoc in her defense.

It was a fun scene, and will be fun to get back to tomorrow morning.

Right now, though, I have to go back to building pricing boxes, and setting up the last bits of the new writing site shop software before the official site re-launch (and the half-price class sale) next Tuesday, April 12.

For writers, the site is still in the same place:

It’s completely different software, it works differently, but it still delivers the writing classes, and still has our forum full of wonderful folks.

If you’re a writer (either along with being one of my readers, or not), and you’re interested in any of my classes, head over and take a look at the courses I offer.

The half-price relaunch sale has a hard time-limit, but it’s a pretty roomy one (ten days).

Hoping to have most of that finished today. 

It would be awesome to not have anything I had to do tomorrow, so that I could just write more Ohio 5.

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