Minerva Wakes re-release, and new revision freebie

By Holly Lisle

Minerva Wakes
The Story:

Ahead of a coming storm, Minerva Kiakra is fighting her way through crowded grocery aisles, when the last box of cereal is yanked from her grasp…

…by the impossible.

She does not see a dragon. Does not. Does NOT.

And when the same dragon cuts her off in traffic?

No, no, no.

But the thing she doesn’t want to see is running one step ahead of the thing she doesn’t want to have happen. And she can’t stop either one.

Once upon a time, Minerva made a mistake. She stopped fighting for her dreams. Now there’s a price to be paid.

But the universe just made a mistake, too. It messed with the wrong mommy.

About this version: In the Minerva Wakes re-release, I’ve included a lengthy new Afterword. I’ve also cleaned up the typos from the commercially released first version, and fixed one small story bug that I missed when I wrote the book back in 1994.

You can get it here:
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And if you’re a fiction writer and you have one or more manuscripts that are broken, and that you can’t figure out how to fix…

I’ve put together a REALLY short quiz that will identify the biggest revision problem you’re having, and that will then provide you with a free video and worksheet that will show you how to fix it.

Here’s the link.

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