Minerva Wakes Hardcover Delay

By Holly Lisle

Today was going to be my Get The Minerva Wakes Hardcover Done day.

But I work exclusively on a Mac.

And in indie publishing, POD publishers give no love to the Mac.

I did a gorgeous job of formatting the book.

  • All chapters on right-hand pages.
  • No headers or page numbers on chapter pages.
  • Nothing on blank left-hand pages opposite new chapters.
  • Good fonts

Went to embed the fonts into a PDF. Guess what Mac doesn’t do?

Exported to Word, uploaded to my POD publisher.

  • My two fonts (Garamond and Helvetica) became Times New Roman.
  • Multiple extra pages appeared at each point where I had a section break.
  • Headers and page numbers appeared on both chapter pages and blank facing pages.

I have spent an entire workday trying to work around this, and I am in the mood now to punch penguins and snarl at kittens.

So today I accomplished…


I hate days like this.

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