Mind/Body Update: Week Three

I’m pleased with my progress. The abdominal exercises have made a visible difference in my midsection over the last ten or so days. They aren’t the sort of things you count (or at least, not the sort of things I count — I do some of them while sitting and typing.) I can hold the V-up for about 30 seconds right now with solid abdominal compression. I do those most days. The other stuff, every day and several times.

Hindu squats, three to four sets of thirty. I decided they would make a better ‘step away from the computer’ hourly break that going out to inventory the fridge. So I’m up from 40-80 a day to 90-120. I’m satisfied with that progress from week to week. My legs look visibly tighter, they FEEL amazing … and the muscles in my butt now make a nice cushion to sit on while typing. Further, I take up less of my chair. (And less of my jeans. I now have one pair that’s too big to wear.)

Hindu pushups. Two sets of 5. They’re still kicking my ass, but twice as often.

The thing I’m really excited about is the bridging. The first time I did a bridge, my arms and shoulders were so weak I could barely get into position, and I had to balance all my weight on the top of my head. And I held it for about 10-15 seconds. Kind of scared myself.

Now I can pop up into a bridge, lift my head completely off the floor, comfortably adjust to rest my forehead on the carpet, lower my weight onto my forehead, and then hold easily for a minute. I’m still using my arms for balance and support, and clearly I need a bigger nose, because mine still won’t reach the rug. I’m doing them with my feet flat on the floor, incidentally. If I did them up on my toes, my nose might already reach, but I like the feel of the flat-footed ones better.

I do not anticipate having lost any weight between last month and this month. I can see the muscle, so I’m betting I’ll weigh the same, or even a pound or two more. I’m okay with that. I’d rather weigh an extra twenty pounds with muscle than twenty less without.

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