Mind/ Body Update, End of May

Down another two pounds, total of eleven over the last few months, with no perception of dieting, nor hardship. Most of the time, I’m not aware of doing anything to lose this weight — the dietary and physical requirements of losing weight this way are damn near imperceptible.

I actually now own a pair of pants that I cannot wear because they fall off — and they fit when I started this. (They were my one pair of comfortable pants at the time.)

Can do the bridge all the way to forehead-flat on the carpet, and the last few days, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice: I was edging the yard with a trimmer and I headed for the drainage ditches in the front, which are about five feet deep, steeply angled, and full of monster weeds. The state supposedly maintains them. (HOW they maintain them … well, it is to laugh — believe me.)

Next door neighbor came over pushing his two-wheeled industrial trimmer, and let me use that. Nice piece of machinery, but pushing it up and down a 45-50-degree-slope killed my back. I was in agony. Until I did a bridge, and felt my entire spine unzip and all my muscles pop. I stood up, and the pain was gone. Not just better, but GONE.

For about twenty minutes.

And then it started edging back. In order to sit upright, walk around, pretty much do anything more than breathe, I’m having to bridge every hour or two, holding for a good two minutes. But it beats the hell out of taking aspirin and Tylenol every four hours, which is what I was doing. It’s more effective and it doesn’t crud up my system. I’m not taking anything now.

Overall, I’m still seeing good muscle tightening, stomach is flattening, and I can see positive changes in my face. And hands. Funny how I’m happiest about that.

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