All day. Still. Did not need this.

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4 responses to “Migraine”

  1. cthorp Avatar

    re migraines

    I can recommend a daily dose of magnesium to prevent migraines. It’s reduced the number of migraines I have significantly, and has also helped my brother, who has them worse than I. You can also take some if you feel one coming on, but this is less effective if you haven’t been taking them regularly.

    I’ve also used feverfew when I feel a migraine coming, and agree that it can be effective. Sometimes I think it’s just a matter of catching it at the right time, and taking something, whatever it might be.


  2. kirean Avatar

    I also suffer from migraines and have found a few fixes that work for me … most of the time.

    Prescription: Zomig nasal spray. I’ve tried a few other prescriptions in pill format, but always have several hours of terrible side effects. None of that with the nasal spray, although it does have to be taken at the start of the migraine to work.

    Over-the-counter: Advil, caffeine (Starbucks Chai Latte), and HeadOn – looks like a glue stick that you rub where it hurts, can be found at most pharmacies, 3 different kinds, I use the green ‘migraine’ one.

    Lanyn: thank you for posting about feverfew. I’m willing to give almost anything a try when my head has hurt for 3 straight days. ^_^;

  3. DementedM Avatar

    Holly: Hope you feel better today!

    I just wanted to let you know I’m giving away copies of I See You on my website.



  4. Lanyn Avatar

    Have you heard of the herb feverfew? I’m a huge migraine sufferer (mostly hormonal, some triggered by light and sound, some foods) and a friend bought some for me. Comes in caplets. I think any health food store carries it. I went six months without a migraine, just taking it on days I felt a migraine coming on. It seems to work best for me as a preventative — once the migraine’s in full swing, it doesn’t have as much effect, but it sure headed them off at the pass for me if I took it early enough. I didn’t believe it until I tried it, but darned if it doesn’t seem to work most of the time. I’ve given some to two friends, and they also have reported good results.

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