Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Joyous Vacation

By Holly Lisle

I didn’t mention all the holidays in my title… I’m too late for some, a bit early for others, and there are about a hundred of them.

I’ll be back for New Year, either the Eve or the Day, when I post my “By-The-Time-I’m-50” Resolution.

But I’m taking ALL of next week off. I won’t be writing Lesson 8 for HTRYN, which means I lose one precious week of buffer. (But I’ll be gaining one precious week of rest, so I’m okay with that.)

I won’t be posting here. Write A Book With Me is taking the official week off.

I won’t be answering questions on the boards in HTTS or HTRYN or in my e-mail.

I WILL be doing customer service, but even that is going to be every other day, with Christmas Day off.

I’m going to rest and have a wonderful time with my family, and miss my Air Force Kid who’s currently doing un-fun work in unfriendly places of the world, twelve hours a day, six days a week, and won’t be having presents and wrapping paper and Christmas Trees and sappy music. (He wants us to save his presents until he gets home, because he’s sharing a tiny room with three other guys and has no place to store anything.)

I hope your holiday, however you may celebrate it, is full of joy and friendship, warmth and hope, love and happiness. I hope that you don’t count calories, that you do sleep late, and that you hug someone who matters to you and let that someone know you care.

Be well, be wonderful, and I’ll see you December 27th, when Write A Book With Me resumes.

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