Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Joyous Vacation

I didn’t mention all the holidays in my title… I’m too late for some, a bit early for others, and there are about a hundred of them.

I’ll be back for New Year, either the Eve or the Day, when I post my “By-The-Time-I’m-50” Resolution.

But I’m taking ALL of next week off. I won’t be writing Lesson 8 for HTRYN, which means I lose one precious week of buffer. (But I’ll be gaining one precious week of rest, so I’m okay with that.)

I won’t be posting here. Write A Book With Me is taking the official week off.

I won’t be answering questions on the boards in HTTS or HTRYN or in my e-mail.

I WILL be doing customer service, but even that is going to be every other day, with Christmas Day off.

I’m going to rest and have a wonderful time with my family, and miss my Air Force Kid who’s currently doing un-fun work in unfriendly places of the world, twelve hours a day, six days a week, and won’t be having presents and wrapping paper and Christmas Trees and sappy music. (He wants us to save his presents until he gets home, because he’s sharing a tiny room with three other guys and has no place to store anything.)

I hope your holiday, however you may celebrate it, is full of joy and friendship, warmth and hope, love and happiness. I hope that you don’t count calories, that you do sleep late, and that you hug someone who matters to you and let that someone know you care.

Be well, be wonderful, and I’ll see you December 27th, when Write A Book With Me resumes.

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30 responses to “Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Joyous Vacation”

  1. Rhiannon Avatar

    Thanks Holly, I have finally started writing again. Thanks for your inspiration. I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas.

  2. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    Merry Christmas everyone hope you all had a good one we certainly did and a Happy New Year when it comes.

    Dean H (UK)

  3. Avatar

    holly . happy new year to you. thank you for you always send those to me .celebrate you for your website.

  4. Glynis Smy Avatar

    Season’s Greetings Holly. Enjoy your rest.

  5. Jerry Simpson Avatar
    Jerry Simpson

    Your advice to writers almost made me laugh, I didn’t because my wife is trying to go to sleep in the next room. God bless and protect the green suiters who go in harms way while we enjoy the holiday season. Hope his christmas dinner is as good as the ones when I served.

  6. Karen Avatar

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and so on to everyone here. I hope your day goes well with friends and family and the weather doesn’t get too bad. And thank you, Holly, for all you’ve done in helping us and others attain their writing dreams!

  7. Larkk Avatar

    Happy holidays, everyone, whichever of the hundred or so you celebrate!
    I have been making the coffee shop visits a habit; a pocket full of words and a peppermint mocha are a great way to stay connected with the story. Iโ€™ll hopefully be able to post some organized word counts again after the holidays.

    1. Patricia Avatar

      Don’t you just love coffee shops? I wish I had one nearby so I could do the same thing. A cup of coffee in one hand, a pen in the other, and an empty notebook between them. ๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck on your project!

  8. Greg Avatar

    23rd Dec
    KavI: 444
    D&DII: 681
    OFL: 1023
    A better day without the millstone of RFW to write. I did some more structural re-assessment on the scenes, which I hope to have finished tomorrow. Then I’ll use Xmas to decide on my keepers, reinvigorate the hopefuls and replace the losers!
    ..and I’ll kick in again with the draft once that’s done.
    Also redrafted Chapter 8 of D&DI today.

  9. Patricia Avatar

    I have finished the first draft of Blood Covenant! My first ever complete work of fiction, and I am excited that I got it done just in time for Christmas. Now I’ll just leave the second book to stew over the holidays and get started to work again after Christmas rolls by. XD Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone enjoys a restful and joyful week. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Greg Avatar


    2. Larkk Avatar

      Congratulations on finishing! Although I will miss reading about what Ryan is up toโ€ฆ
      Have a happy Christmas, and I canโ€™t wait to see what your next project is ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Patricia Avatar

        Thank you! To be honest I didn’t know if anyone cared that I posted about my book, and it’s a delightful surprise to see that there are people interested in what trouble Ryan has gotten into. No worries though, because Ryan is not quite home yet, so there is plenty of room for sequals! XD

  10. Greg Avatar

    KavI: 452
    D&DII: 672
    OFL: 1035
    …and I got through about a third of the RFW scenes I had, analysing them for their value and making notes about whether to keep them, chop them, or put them in purgatory while I brainstormed plot changes over Xmas. And I revised D&DI Chapter 7.

  11. Cayleigh Avatar

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  12. HannaBelle Avatar

    Happy Holidays, Happy ALL days — to everyone here, your families and friends, and to all the friends I have not met yet,

  13. HannaBelle Avatar

    No words, big website almost done — still waiting on some code fixes from 3rd party. Switched hosting today, so by tomorrow should be able to post URL here.

    1 BIG one down – 3 small ones to go. I think Monday nights will be “web work” night.

    Then back to writing, and exercise, with the New Year.

  14. Gabby Avatar

    Merry Christmas, Holly!

    ~547 for today.

  15. Meghan Avatar

    Merry Christmas, Holly! And I second Michelle on the best wishes to your son.

  16. Michelle Avatar

    Have a wonderful, hard-earned vacation, Holly. Best wishes to your son.

  17. Nancy Avatar

    Happy holidays, Hollyl! May we all be able to pay forward the wonderful gifts you’ve given to us!

    And to all of you as well!

  18. vanity Avatar

    Merry Christmas! Definitely the right decision to take the time completely off.

  19. Greg Avatar

    Happy holidays, Holly. Happy holidays everyone. I’m planning on working until the 24th, then resuming on the 28th, so will probably tag my words each day onto this thread, if that’s okay?

    1. Greg Avatar

      KavI: 413, finishing the escape scene which ended up being ridiculously long but will hopefully edit down into a breathless dash ๐Ÿ™‚
      D&DII: 717
      OFL: 1024
      RFW: 724. I finally decided I couldn’t continue writing this anymore, without reworking the plot so I believed in the story again. So I’m revising what I already have from a structural point of view, making notes for my page-per-scenes and looking at possible sub-plots to work in. This will be my Xmas job for RFW, then in the new year I’ll press on with writing the conclusion, so hopefully I’ll feel confident in the finale I write.
      I also finished my D&DII PPSs today.

      1. HannaBelle Avatar

        Greg – Just curious — how many do you have completed and/or revised? Published?

        1. Greg Avatar

          Not published, sadly! I only have a completed early version of KavI to my name, and my attempts to revise it floundered half way through. And I’ve finished D&DI, though that’s only half-size, and am revising that now. So currently I have finished two projects, KavI and D&DI, and finished the revision of none. Hopefully I’ll get D&DI revised by end of January. OFL, D&DII and RFW hopefully written and revised by April.
          Then probably some paid work. ๐Ÿ™
          I spent about 18 months prior to finishing kavI starting projects that I never finished, like a lot of aspiring authors.

          1. HannaBelle Avatar

            That’s pretty far along. I only have one finished, unrevised manuscript and it is non-fiction. I am no longer in that industry so not sure I am up to date enough to even revise it and sell it.

  20. djmills Avatar

    Have a wonderful restful holiday with your family.
    Hugs from me, too.

  21. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and holiday, Holly!

  22. Deb Salisbury Avatar

    Merry Christmas, Holly, and thank you for the gift of Forward Motion, the great advice on you website, and your wonderful books!

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