Members-only Sale Updates

If you’re on the Writers’ Updates newsletter and you have questions about or need help with the February Sucks sale, you can ask or post here. I’ll be checking the blog all day. And all day tomorrow. And by putting everything here, some questions might be answered that folks participating while I’m asleep might need.

If you’re not getting the newsletter, it’s not too late to join. Still about twenty minutes left on the countdown before things actually start.

Typing in the live countdown by hand. Four minutes left.


Gone In Seven Minutes

The Hawkspars and All the Talyn Hardcovers plus the Talyn ARC were actually gone in seven minutes.

Lots of stuff left. I’m doing a mad cut and paste just to keep people up with the book they got. Thank yous will go out when things slow down.


Last 13 Books

I can’t believe it, but I’m already out of all the books but the last thirteen, which are one-offs. I got caught up on the notifying folks of which book they got (check your PayPal email if you haven’t heard from me yet), but I haven’t had time to send out thank yous. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to breathe.

Corrected Hawkspars

Uploaded the correct versions of the Hawkspar First Draft Manuscript and the Hawkspar Revised Manuscript. Very sorry about the error. Weather here is unreal, but for now, power is still on.

Power Went Off, Came Back On

We’re through the first line of storms, but there’s another even bigger one behind in. Keep your fingers crossed that the hamster stays healthy.

Have Lost Internet Twice

And the next line of storms is almost to us. I’ve been answering e-mails in the meantime, but I’m not holding my breath on us having either internet OR power when the next storms come over.

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14 responses to “Members-only Sale Updates”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Huge thanks to the folks who are buying. And Kalev, I’m looking at It’s a pretty interesting site, and might have applications for me—will definitely help out my daughter, who’s trying to get funding for her indie film project.

    Thank you for the recommendation.

  2. KalevTait Avatar

    that should be

  3. KalevTait Avatar

    The two of the last three times I was inspired to start writing again was from reading your free online courses. I had been toying with the idea of getting one of your courses. Now I have all of them. And I just need to figure out where to put them in the pile of ‘next’ books.

    Thank you.

    Also, don’t know if you’ve looked at it seems you might be able use that (or create something similar yourself) to finish Project C. Or start something similar.

  4. LisaM Avatar

    Hi Holly, great to hear the sale is going well.

    There are a couple of your e-books I’m interested in, and now is a good time to buy them, it seems!

    I already have all 4 of your writing clinics – and love them all! – and now I’m looking forward to reading up on how to find my writing discipline and 21 ways to keep writing while my life explodes around me 🙂 (One example of which has just happened; I’ve been on hold for 15 mins and 55 secs, and when I finally got through to Customer Services the guy hung up on me after a series of hello hello?s, because he couldn’t hear my hello hellos back. *sigh* )

    Hope the weather has picked up over there for you.

  5. oldedi Avatar

    Last post chopped the best part off for some reason, so here it is again:
    (thoughts and prayers flinging toward Holly and family)

  6. oldedi Avatar

    I absolutely LOVE you courses and your writing. I also already purchased several of them, but wanted to help with the crappy february.

  7. tyu Avatar

    You’re very welcome. I know what it’s like to need emergency monies.

  8. Holly Avatar

    I’m uploading the non-screwed-up versions now. Very sorry about that. And thank you so much for getting the bundle today.

  9. tyu Avatar

    whoops, i meant kilobyte

  10. tyu Avatar

    I had already bought most of the courses prior, so I mostly wanted this for the extras 😀
    That, and I felt bad for sharing the worldbuilding courses with my younger sister, so I hope this makes up for it and helps you out some ^_^;

    Also, I’m guessing the Hawkspar first and second drafts aren’t supposed to just be a 19 kilobite single page?

  11. Holly Avatar

    Thank you very much, Soaringfree. Yes, at the moment EVERYTHING helps.

  12. soaringfree Avatar

    ach, I just bought three of the ebooks earlier this month! Well, at least it will have helped with your February challenges, good luck!

    BTW, I’ve read two of them already–terrific!

  13. Holly Avatar

    I’m sending e-mails out as orders come in. The first ones came in so fast I couldn’t keep up, but I’m catching up now.

  14. Susan Avatar

    I haven’t had a splurge for myself in quite awhile–this makes me so happy. But question: Once we’ve ordered, when do we find out if we’ve gotten one of the extra books, and if so, which one?

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