Melie, Shay, treachery, and mystery: 2048 words

2015-01-22_13.34.11 copyCrazy back pain this morning—sometimes the damn twisted spine is just unbearable, and I had to do a lot of stretching this morning to even get mobile. So it was after 7 AM before I got my first words.

But once I got rolling, they flew. I had to pull out the Minecraft map to see if a couple of things I needed to have characters do could be done, and discovered that, with a bit of tinkering, they could.

2015-01-22_13.33.35 copyEnded up doing a bit of reconfiguring back of the bridge, (because if you don’t update your map as you make changes, you break it.)

But the real gem of my interaction today was between Melie and Shay, figuring out how they’re going to handle their hell of a mess while sitting right in the middle of it.

2015-01-22_13.32.52 copyAgain, got two things I hadn’t anticipated—one a change in how they see each other, and one Shay’s very neat way of getting information of Melie.

Bit of a problem with rain in space today...
Bit of a problem with rain in space today…

Good damn writing day, and at this pace, would put me just a few days out of finishing the story, except that I look like I’m running long again.

I think I see a way to take out some of the planned scenes though, and maybe scoot them into the next episode, so that I can keep this tight and get it done and get started back on HTWAS, Module Three.

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3 responses to “Melie, Shay, treachery, and mystery: 2048 words”

  1. Jean Avatar

    I know what you mean about the ruler. When the left knee locked Thanksgiving weekend, it became more of a problem than my right knee, which just chronically bothered me. I got a steroid shot in mid-December, which worked nicely until this week, when, apparently, it wore off. The way I could tell it was working was I noticed the pain in my right knee again.

    The left knee is finally back to a manageable level today, but it’s far from good.

  2. Jean Avatar

    Knees. Blasted knees for me. Bad as knee pain is, I know back pain is worse.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hugs on the knees. I suspect your knees are like my OLD back pain, though, which is worse than the new back pain.

      When it’s bad, this back pain be damn near unbearable. :/ Yesterday was bad.

      When my back hurts now, the intensity is worse than before I found out about the scoliosis and added the lift to my shoe. It’s also very localized—lower lumbar region right to the sacrum.

      But this pain is weirdly (and beautifully) intermittent. I can go a week without having any pain at all.

      The old pain pain was chronic. Always there, always this inescapable, unfixable background noise—shoulder, neck, and back muscles that had been hurting since I was around six years old. That’s gone, and because that constant pain is gone, I don’t have any threshold to use to decide when something hurts.

      Which probably sounds weird, but if I had other pain before and it didn’t hurt more than my back, I ignored it. If it hurt worse than my back, it counted, and I’d say something, or take some Tylenol.

      Now I go days without hurting at all…but everything that hurts actually counts, and I have to decide whether it matters or not, without having a handy ruler to tell me what’s ignorable. It’s strange.

      I suspect even the really bad pain is not much worse than what the old pain was. I just don’t have any ruler to measure it by anymore.

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