Me and My STET Stamp

I get to work today, but I do not get to write today. I have fallen behind in prepping the copyedited manuscript of The Wreck of Heaven for its return to Eos, so today I just need to sit and read and make those requested changes that I agree with and STET commas.

I STILL haven’t used the STET stamp. There is something in me that feels guilty for undoing the work someone else has done, even though that person assiduously went through and undid a great deal of the work that I did. And even though I want my commas where I want them, and even though the person who changed them all will not see my re-corrections, the STET stamp feels … cold. Impersonal. Imperious.

But it’s quicker and significantly neater than my handwriting. I feel silly for feeling guilty. But I feel guilty.

What the hell. There. ::thwonk!:: I have officially used my STET stamp for the first time on an actual manuscript. (You can’t see it, but I put in the sound effect so that you could hear it. Full-service blogging, that’s me.)

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2 responses to “Me and My STET Stamp”

  1. Labloch Avatar

    LOL Holly! Go you.

    (David–STET: return as it was in original)

    Soph 🙂

  2. David Stone Avatar
    David Stone

    I haven’t got a clue what a STET stamp is, but congratulations on your first use!


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