Me and My Archives

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all of my entries from the first Real Writers Bounce are now on this weblog. In somewhat mangled form, so are many of the entries from Silent Bounce. The entries from the second version of Real Writers Bounce are going to have to be entered one at a time, and by hand, because I dismantled the Greymatter engine that ran the software and delete all the CGI pages so I wouldn’t be distracted by drifting back into blogging. {Yes, you may snicker.}

Instead of doing the last 30 pages I’d planned for the day, I’ve done this. I needed a breather, and going through old entries, categorizing and cleaning up erratic HTML, has been both fun and sort of soothing.

Careening into Talyn all the way back in 2001 was a shock, too.

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