May be my last entry for a few days

The site moves to its new server tonight. DNS stuff all has to be changed over, and that can take up to three days (72 hours) when things go right. When things go wrong, well — the FeaturePrice debacle and the one month of DNS errors demonstrated how wrong things can go when they go wrong. Jatol will be moving us, so I expect things to go well; nevertheless, due to the complexity of the site, it may take until next Saturday for everything to be up and running again.

Follow this link to the functional, if not elegant, temporary community. And please remember that the reason we left Network 54 to begin with was because of excessive and unplanned downtime — if the temporary community is down, check back later.

As far as writing goes, I did some math this morning. Not good. I’ve lost 14 full workdays of buffer from my schedule already do to partial or zero wordcounts. My daily minimum is now up to around 1670 words per day to finish and still have time for a really thorough revision before submission, though 2000 words per day remains my goal. I need to get my focus, and I’m having a hard time with it, though I am about a third of the way through the book. Things always get tricky for me around the middle of a novel.

Finally, my schedule changed unexpectedly, too, which means I need to quickly post notices on the site, then close things down early. If this is the first you’re hearing of it, I apologize. I’d planned to leave the doors open to the last possible minute, but then my last possible minute got moved. So … I’ll see you on the new server, as soon as all of this is up and running again. Fingers crossed for a smooth trip.

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