Matt’s in the hospital

He’s been in for the last two days. May get to go home tomorrow.

Everything in my life is on hold until we get back home.

Please pass this on to TS. This is the only message I have time to post.

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52 responses to “Matt’s in the hospital”

  1. lorri hager Avatar
    lorri hager

    I will be praying for Matt and your family Holly.

  2. dragon Avatar

    Sending good vibes and wishes your way. Hope it all turns out right for the two of you.

  3. Bruce Avatar

    may God always bless you, Matt and your family always and may Matt get well soon

  4. Laurel Avatar

    Cyber hugs and best wishes to both of you.

  5. Lee Avatar

    Don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said…

    Prayers and hopes for the best Holly

  6. RonaldW.BlombergAGS8944 Avatar

    Please add “pray” after “I`ll”. I´ll pray for Matt`s complete & speedy recovery!



  7. Rick Avatar

    Holly – Have been checking in periodically to see if you’ve made any updates. Please accept my prayers and good wishes. I hope Matt recovers quickly and that all of this passes soon.

  8. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    I have been out of the loop. Holly, my prayers are with you.

  9. Amelia Avatar

    I hope everything turns out ok, my thoughts are with you.

  10. Ivye Avatar

    I hope it will all turn out all right. Hugs.

  11. Leah Avatar

    I wondered why you had not posted for the past few days. My prayers are with you. I hope he gets well soon!

  12. Shawna Avatar

    (((hugs))) and wishes for a speedy recovery… you and your family are in my prayers.

  13. CT Avatar

    I hope he gets well soon.

  14. Anna Avatar

    My thoughts are with you.

  15. Erin Kendall Avatar

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Matt.

    Erin K.

  16. RonaldW.BlombergAGS8944 Avatar

    Holly 21 X 9 Wed. 15:10 CET PRAY!
    Yes, we have problems here, but I know about hospitals & I`ll for his recovery & imminent return home.

    Blessings! GRACE!

  17. Eve Avatar

    Yikes! I hope he’s better soon.

  18. Littlesister Avatar

    Hope you’re both back home by now.
    Speedy recovery for Matt. If Holly’s half the nurse she is a writer and teacher then Matt is in the best hands he can possibly be!
    All the best to you and your family,

  19. Gabby Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear that Holly. I hope that he is home and better soon!

  20. Nancy Avatar

    Hope it’s nothing serious and he’s home and well soon! Sending healing thoughts your way.

  21. Patricia Avatar

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers Holly, I hope he recovers from whatever happened soon!

  22. Peggy Avatar

    Here’s hoping he recovers quickly from whatever it was!

  23. HannaBelle Avatar

    Add my well wishes and prayers, too, and we hope Matt is well and home soon. Hoping you are doing well, too. It is hard to be on the watching and caring-for side of a problem.

  24. Karen_O Avatar

    Holly, I hope he is feeling better and home soon.

  25. Marti Verlander Avatar

    You and your family–especially Matt–are in my prayers, and I’m sending as much positive energy your way as I can.

  26. Larkk Avatar

    My heart goes out to you. Stay strong.

  27. Texanne Avatar

    I expect good for you & yours.

  28. Dawn Avatar

    Hope he’s better soon and home sooner. 🙁

  29. Debora Avatar

    All my best wishes, Holly, for you and your husband!

  30. EJ Avatar

    Hugs to you all. Hope he’s better soon and it’s not too serious.

  31. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    I hope he will get better, soon. Hugs from Germany.

  32. Greg Avatar

    Hope he’s better soon. Thanks for finding time to post something up, Holly.
    (For the record: D&D – 214, OFL – 350, RFW – 318.)
    With best wishes

  33. Julian Adorney Avatar
    Julian Adorney

    Hope he’s okay! Wish you guys the best health.

  34. Johanna Avatar

    I hope your husband is okay. Hang in there. Sending wishes for speedy recovery your way.

  35. PolarBear Avatar

    I hope he’s better soon. Hugs to you all.

  36. Brian Cansler Avatar

    All my thoughts are with you, Holly. I hope everything is okay!

  37. Ieva Avatar

    Oh. Please hang on and may you both come out of this safely.

  38. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    Wishing you and him the best.

  39. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    Yikes! I hope he’s okay. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  40. Jessica Avatar

    I hope everything turns out okay. You’ve been so supportive to the writing community, it’s the least we can do to give you our full support back when you need it! Hugs from me too!

  41. Rene Avatar

    My thoughts are with you. Hope it’s as benign as a hospital stay can be.

  42. Michelle Avatar

    I’m so sorry….take care, Holly. I’m thinking of you.

  43. JL Coburn Avatar

    You’re in our thoughts.

  44. Sarah Collins Avatar

    Hugs and lots of prayers, Holly.

  45. djmills Avatar

    Hugs, prayers and good wishes for his total recovery.

  46. Tori Avatar

    Oh Holly! I’m praying for you and hope he’s okay….

  47. Deb Salisbury Avatar

    Hugs, Holly! Wishing you the best.

  48. Rabia Avatar

    Wishing you all the best, Holly. I hope he’s better soon.

  49. Staci Myers Avatar
    Staci Myers

    Keeping you and yours in my prayers, Holly.

  50. Don Avatar

    Hope he gets better and it’s nothing serious, take care Holly.

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