Mass-Market Paperbacks of Vincalis Arrived

If you’ve been waiting for the less-expensive, fit-the-shelves-better copies of Vincalis the Agitator to buy that one, you’ll be pleased to know that the mass market copies are available. I got my box of them yesterday; I usually get mine late, so they may have been on the shelves for a while without me seeing them (I don’t get out much.) Author’s copies are nice to get, though my favorites are still the box of Fire in the Mist that I received when that first came out. I took every single one of them out of the box, spread them out in a big block, and stared at them for … maybe an hour. It was a transcendent experience, the moment when dream became reality in a very tangible, visible, beautiful way, and nothing I’ve experienced with any of the later books I’ve written has quite equalled that one brief moment.

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6 responses to “Mass-Market Paperbacks of Vincalis Arrived”

  1. Joseph Avatar

    Hey, what’s wrong with TPBs? That’s how I got mine… Seriously, it’s alright since I couldn’t wait for the mmpb anyway.

  2. Jean Avatar

    I got mine last Saturday. Haven’t had a chance to start reading yet.

  3. Tina Avatar

    I picked mine up a few weeks ago — I hadn’t read it yet. Then I went back and picked up the Secret Texts books. I am Backwards Girl, only, in this case, not really.

    It’s probably good I got mine when I did, actually; if they put it out and it sold a few days later it ought to prompt them to order more.

  4. Fred Phillips Avatar
    Fred Phillips

    Got my review copy about a month and a half ago, so I’d guess they’ve been out a while. Unfortunately, I already reviewed the trade paperback, so I can’t do it again.

  5. Hugh Sider Avatar
    Hugh Sider

    They’ve been out for a while – when I commented on my local bookstore carrying a lot of your titles at once, one of them was the Vincalis paperback.

  6. Chalica Avatar

    When I was waiting for the new Harry Potter to come out, I saw a stack of Vincalis paperbacks–front-faced, even. Would have bought one, but I was spending more than my book budget already…

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