Marketing Your Fiction Live Chat, Tuesday June 9, 1pm ET

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I’m trying to get ahead of this chat—I spent a couple hours working on the handouts this morning.

Marketing fiction is something that has not been done with repeatable results before, and this is something my HTTS folks know I and a handful of volunteers are experimenting with, with the end of being able to do regular successful fiction launches without big budgets or commercial backing. We are NOT going to get into launching, because that’s still in testing. I don’t have a system yet.

However, we will be discussing:

  • Writing versus Marketing
  • Indie Publishing vs. Commercial Publishing
  • Insider Look at Commercial Publishing
    • When to Go to War to Save Your Book
  • Contests and Competitions

So FIRST, here’s the sign-up link for this chat.

SECOND, mailing links did not go out from WebinarJam to the folks who were supposed to receive them last thim.

So a lot of folks who signed up originally, and who were supposed to be mailed automatically missed the live chat.

If you are already signed up for the chats (and if you use the link above and try to sign up, it’ll tell you whether you’re on the list already) and

if you MISSED the last live chat reminder emails, go here.

I’m going to send a notice to the HTTS Bootcamp members the day before the chat, and then one a couple hours before the chat. If you’re already on the list, or if you put yourself on the list now, you’ll get those reminders. These chats are something I’m doing for HTTS Bootcamp members. Most of the stuff I do isn’t open to the general public, but this is.

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