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Marketing Tuesday #1 – Reading Emails, Building a “Loves, Hates, and Recommends” chart — 5 Comments

  1. I appreciate your vulnerability in this process. The ability to say “I don’t know” and search for the right answer is admirable, and people with this characteristic are people I like to be around. Maybe that’s why I’ve hung around your digital space for almost a decade! Do I smell a new nonfiction mini-course in the future once you get this all figured out?

    • Only if I can figure it out so well that I’m a credibly successful practitioner of the techniques I’m learning. My standards for “successful,” by the way, are pretty high.

  2. Very cool. Looks like you got a lot of replies. The reasons you listed above are definately why I like your stories. I like gritty, even grim sometimes but your books always have a happy ending eventually and there is always hope and determination to do their best. Your world building is very creative and I love the mix of everything. And you are really talented with good kind of twists. The clues are there but are subtle enough that there is a real surprise.

    Once you have gone through all the replies, I’d love to hear more of your insights. This would be really useful to your writing students who are trying to establish their own author brands, especially those who will write in more than one genre.

    • Got a LOT of replies, and almost all of them go in depth. I may still be doing this next week.

      I’m reading each one all the way down to the bone, so it’s taking me about ten minutes per reply to set up the name/contact info, copy and paste specific quotes, separate what matters to that reader, add the recommended writers and their titles, and make sure I’ve understood the gist of what that reader is saying. I’m deeply grateful for the folks who replied, and who took me at my word and understood that I really needed help understanding what it is about what I write that matters to the readers who like it.

    • Thank you Reetta! You perfectly articulated what I had been trying to say in my email response to the question but hadn’t completely figured out myself. The one thing I unconsciously look for in all my fiction and love in Holly’s is the hope and happy(ish) ending. Life is like that. It can be dark and scary and funny and any number of things but it is the hope that keeps us all going. I am so glad you responded to this post.

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