Mapping Korre

I’ve needed a good map of Beyltaak for a while now, but the need has gone from ‘yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it’ to ‘dammit, where IS Talyn’s house and how does it relate to Shields and her family and the tunnels and the jail and ….” I have taken a day off. Real day off, not going to write, not going to work on the website, not going to answer e-mail. But I am going to do the Campaign Cartographer 2 tutorial and finally put the software to use. I have the Campaign Cartographer 2, City Designer 2, Dungeon Designer 2, and Fractal Terrains, and I’m tossing the old map of Korre (no, not really tossing it, but putting it on hold for another project), and doing this one exclusively via the software. The very, very nice thing about CC2 is that it’s zoomable — you can go all the way from planet level to houseplan level on the same map, just dropping in closer and closer. And when you’re done, you can upload the results. Yes, the maps you make can be gorgeous, but on a practical level, not having to hand-draw everything is what excites me. So I’ll post results as I work on this. And if you get a yen to role-play through Korre, you can use ProFantasy’s viewer software and that will let you download, use, and print the maps. You can check out how things are going now and over the next couple of days.

And one silly little teaser. This is Korre spinning …
If you have a faster modem, you can take a look at the medium-sized one or the largest one, which still isn’t all that big because I have a slow, slow modem and didn’t want to spend all day uploading the damned things. 😀

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4 responses to “Mapping Korre”

  1. Alex Roddie Avatar
    Alex Roddie

    I always prefer doing my maps by hand–you know, just to know where things are. Not to look especially artistic or anything.

  2. Kathy Avatar

    I have Campaign Cartographer 2, but haven’t made the time to go through the tutorial the way I should. I’ve played around with it enough to realize that I’d probably like it a lot if I’d just learn to use it properly. Good luck with yours!

  3. Linda Avatar

    I have Fractal Terrains. I’ve been wanting to get Campaign Cartographer and related software, but my budget won’t cover it. (sigh) Someday . . .

    I have a gamer friend who has the older version and he really likes it. If his comments are any indication, once you learn it, you’ll have a lot of fun doing your maps and things.

  4. Sarajael Avatar

    The software sounds fascinating. Does it really do all that it’s meant to? And does it do it well? I will have to keep checking how you get along.

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