Making Money (the title of a Pratchett novel, AND what my MC did today)

Word counts first: 1380 words, 75,861 total.

Today had a bit of research tied in, so while I’ve been writing since 7:30 am, I didn’t hit my word count until about four hours in.

But the writing went well. I had to research the earliest processes of making coins by hand, and then had to put my main character into a situation where she had to try coin-making the old-fashioned way. She’s not having fun — but that’s okay. I am.

I like the words I got, and I left myself in a good place to start again tomorrow. (Driving your main character nuts, then leaving her right in the middle of her mess is almost always a good place to quit. You’ve already established the work and the mood of the scene, and your MC going to spend the night glowering.)

So now, on to the rest of the day’s work.


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