Making A Three-Day Weekend

Okay. So Monday is Labor Day.

Monday, however, is also the day the kid and I get to do his first chemistry experiments for 7th grade.

So we’re taking Labor Day tomorrow. I’m taking off tonight, Friday night, and Saturday night, and will be back on the job Sunday night, as usual.

I’m hoping you’re kicking ass on the words, and having some fun with your story.

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34 responses to “Making A Three-Day Weekend”

  1. Roisin Avatar

    No words yesterday, sadly. Was going through a manic phase, made dinner at breakneck speed, did mountains of hoovering, and finally ‘came down’ at about 3am though I couldn’t get to sleep. Felt a bit crap this morning, but I think the day off let my WIP run through my head a bit so the scene ahead – which is critical and has been seriously intimidating for the last few days – doesn’t seem so scary.

    Going to start today’s words – I’ll update on the appropriate post.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    I cannot believe how awesome this is going now that I’m back on an old project I had all but given up on. 1400 words today, and again, they were easy to write. My MC made a best friend and got a promise, and we’re about to head into the final climax of the book. MC is sure he’s going to die, but I’m pretty sure he’s wrong. Hope so, anyway. That would be a shocker of an ending for me if he’s right. In any case, the dragon is definitely going to die…hopefully later on this weekend, if I manage to get some more writing time in! πŸ™‚

  3. Rabia Avatar

    I got 615 words last night, including a detour I hadn’t expected, but I’m happy to have. A combination of tiredness and stress over what turned out to be a minor thing prevented me from getting any words the night before.

    I need to take some time to come up with naming conventions for my three regions and figure out some stuff about the martial arts system (luckily my MC is not a fighter, but the other POV, who comes in once in a while, is).

  4. Erin Kendall Avatar

    No writing last night, worked on packing and getting ready for camping this weekend. Will be writing on my Alphasmart while camping. Hope to get some major progress done on the current WIP.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

    Erin K.

  5. Kait Nolan Avatar

    1306 yesterday and the big break through with how to fill in my gaping plot hole. It was a great day.

  6. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    1507 words. I decided to “kick ass” on my book. I shelfed the entire idea of being a writer for 14 years. This past year I played with writing. Now, I need to get serious with deadlines. (BTW this web site is so very inspirational. Thank you everyone.) So, my goal is to write 30K words this month. I will back off though if I stop having fun. But, I had a ton of fun with this, so….

  7. Michelle Avatar

    237 today. Happy to have it.

    Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!

  8. Crystal Shards Avatar
    Crystal Shards

    942 words.

    I was aiming for 500, but I was writing by hand and got into what I was writing so I just kept going. I got to the end of chapter one other than the newspaper article that goes at the end of it.

  9. Scarlett Avatar

    3600 words today and we are now off camping for the weekend. Back with the words on monday. Have a good weekend everyone

  10. Larkk Avatar

    Freewriting led to another plot card, and writing out the plot card led to writing out a large part of the scene. 1225 words of it anyway. So that’s probably a good thing.
    Hope everyone has a happy Labor Day weekend πŸ™‚

  11. Sarah Collins Avatar

    I’m 87 words ahead on the Edit-IP and I’m through chapter 17 of 25. getting close! I predict I’ll be finished with it over the weekend, or will at least get all of the chapters over to my crit partner. She’s been quick to get them back to me so I may be ready for the final read through by Monday!

    On the WIP I added 1198 which really surprised me. I had no idea I’d written that much!

  12. Steph Avatar

    No words on Wednesday; my MC is meeting her “love interest”, and I think I’ve psyched myself out a bit over it. Last night, I was able to squeeze out 161 words, which I’m sure I’ll end up rewriting but at least it’s keeping the juices flowing. πŸ™‚

  13. Khena Avatar

    I did well yesterday. Over 1k words once again, and it wasn’t nearly as hard as it was the night before. I thought about writing more, but since I was so tired from a day at the Zoo with my 2 and 4 yr olds, I decided to just go to sleep. I think I’m finally past whatever was bothering me about my book!

    Anyway, Isotte got herself kicked out of the King’s room because she was too impatient. Back at their rooms, she’s all apologetic, and Nathalan finally realized he’s traveling with an attractive woman.

    I’m going to post a snippet, just two sentances (I’m resisting the rest) because I love it:

    She was beautiful in that moment, something he had failed to realize in all their time together. He might have noticed it when they first met, if she hadn’t tried to kill him.

  14. Adam Avatar

    my oldest son is also in 7th grade. πŸ™‚

    i got one new sentence last night that i kept. wrote a long paragraph that got deleted because i didn’t like it at all. had company come over and that blew any chance of me writing after that last night. i might skip this scene and move on to the next section for now. i don’t know what i want to happen here just yet, and maybe putting down the things that are next will help me to bridge the gap…

    also outlined some major scenes in a different story, and started doing the background work necessary to start on that. Its set in a different area of the same world, and the MC of this only appears briefly in the story i’m currently writing. i might put this story on hold in favor of working on another area to let this simmer more, but i’m not sure right now.

  15. Ceallai Avatar

    1409. Mostly Cerim telling Eliane the legend of Mel, which is basically about where elves come from and how the five races came to be, and what the amulets are for. If I follow the stereotype (and I’m obviously going to follow the stereotype, this is a parody) there should be some sort of prophesy soon, and a Chosen One, who will inevitably be my heroine.
    Or not. Maybe it would be funnier if my heroine only turned out to be the Chosen One’s sidekick. Or would that be too Final Fantasy 12? Am I the only geek here, or does someone else know what I’m talking about?

    1. Khena Avatar

      FF12 was great! So no, you are not alone…

      1. Ceallai Avatar

        I didn’t actually find it that great, to be honest, compared to the other FFs, although I can see why people would like it as an online game, and it does make for a good parody. ^^ But the best Final Fantasy was the 7th. I wish they’d hurry up and release in HD already!

        One of my stories was inspired by Mirror’s Edge, if you’ve played it. Not the story, but the environment. I find certain video games very inspiring…

        1. Sarah Avatar

          “But the best Final Fantasy was the 7th.”
          Yes, yes and YES! Agree with you completely. Love 7, like 9, and could do w/out all the rest. Especially the online versions. I see FF as being a solitary pursuit.

  16. Laura Avatar

    742 words, more than I expected. My FMC had a crisis of self-confidence, after all she’s up against her twin sister and doesn’t want to hurt her despite everything she’s done. Thankfully, her cat helped her get back on her feet, so now she’s going through her mentor’s books, looking for clues regarding where to find the four treasures in order to protect them. Tomorrow she’ll have to visit the library and finally meet my MMC. That should be interesting.

    Good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  17. Minze Avatar

    506 words today, and finally I’m getting to the end of this great big behemoth of a 5,000+ words scene that was supposed to be how long? A thousand words? I wrote along with whatever my Muse tossed me, though, so I THINK I’ve done the right thing. Revising this novel is going to be like making a sauce: you start with a big pot and it boils down to a drizzle, just enough to coat two spaghetti.

    Still. Silver linings: hero and heroine have met, co-operated, and although they now part without much regret, they feel at home with each other. This, I suppose, answers my question on whether this novel is going to include a romantic subplot.
    Silver lining no. 2: I found a way of sneaking in the first suspicions as to who might have caused the fire.

    I got some writing done yesterday, but couldn’t post my results because the baby had pulled the volume control off our stereo and was chewing bits out of it.

    1. Rabia Avatar

      Oh, I have one of those kinds of babies, too. He likes to pull plugs from the wall sockets and put them back in–when he’s not playing with computer equipment, pencils and remote controls. Or digging around in the trash. πŸ˜›

  18. Leah Avatar

    692 today. Thought it’d never come out. Some of these scenes have turned into real mind-bogglers. Good, but rough. Things are coming together slowly. S-L-O-W-L-Y!

  19. Greg Avatar

    D&D: 577 and some conflict between the baddies!
    OFL: 1013 and some teenage angst.

  20. Joyce Avatar

    Hi, everyone. I’m joining the game today with 134 words. Not the number I wanted, but the biggest goal was to just break through that wall of SAFE (I’m from the HtTS crowd) and get SOMETHING. Tomorrow will be another, hopefully better day.

    I spent the start of the week going through the Motivation course and got some revelations. Getting the words is still hard, but now I’ve got a PLAN. I do love plans. And my muse is pretty keen on this one too. I’m making some big promises to myself and giving my muse permission to play with toys that I outlawed a long time ago. In exchange, I’m asking for solid work on a regular basis. I’m building up a head of steam and damn, does it feel good.

    1. Debora Avatar

      Congrats for breaking through that wall of SAFE and getting SOMETHING! Sounds like you’ve forged a good new working relationship with your muse:-)

    2. Rabia Avatar

      Welcome! I joined about ten days ago after a long dry spell and recently found both my muse and my motivation and dragged them back into my head.

      (What, me, club my muse over the head or anything?? Never… ;)).

  21. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    659 words.

    The Thief, still spitting phlegm from that whole garlic thing, finds the Mage’s house and bypassing several magical alarms, sneaks into the house by making a hole in the roof. He hears a monotonous chanting and smells familiar scents. He winds his way down from the attic to the floor where he finds a bunch of bodies piled up and on top of the pile is the Warrior Vampire from earlier in the story.

    The Thief, his senses going nuts, almost goes berserk but stops himself before forcing his way in through the magically warded door. Instead he grabs a table and breaks a hole through the wall. And there he finds an actress and his Mentor unconscious and suspended in air.

    (He hasn’t realized the Sheriff is tied up in there and he hasn’t looked around at the Mage, yet.)

  22. Ieva Avatar

    I woke up with a nice clear head. It’s such a blessing to be able to think that yesterday I was pounding around, saying, I can think! Hear me think! There, there, a thought!!!
    1000+ words, a beautiful scene I never expected. Turns out there is a spell called “heart-walking” (somehow, it doesn’t even sound cheesy in the context) and it’s a representative of a different _form_ of magic, something wild and unpredictable. I don’t think that I’ll use that kind of magic now (but come to think of it, maybe my antagonists use it, in their own special way), but it’s such a cool thing for sequels, if I ever have them.

    1. Rabia Avatar

      Heart-walking does sound interesting. πŸ˜€

    2. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

      Congrats for the breakthough. Keep going!

  23. KQ Avatar

    Gritted my teeth and got back to the story. 1068 words, decent enough. I am not jazzed anymore, I think because I’ve been writing this thing for months and I already know how it will end. Unfortunately, it’s all work now.

    On another note, I’ve been thinking about my new story. I was going to have it all planned out, but I am just pantsing it now. Added 167 words.

    All in all, a productive night, good enough!

  24. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    605 words today. Getting into some fun stuff. They go to the library, return the book, get some food… and on the way back, they’re shot at. Jack is injured. DUN DUN DUN.

  25. May Avatar

    Oh, this is going so well.
    I started with a scene I thought would fit in chapter one, but when I started writing without thinking, it came out as a scene that would fit perfectly later on, and really lead my story in the way I want it to go. It gives the story a darker layer–which I want–but in a way that I hadn’t ever thought of. I am thrilled.

  26. Jim Mitchel Avatar

    No words yesterday. Ran out of time for the second day this week.

    Today I worked on the second scene in chapter nine. I ended up reshuffling, and changing what I had already wrote for this scene. I had written good information, but it was all in the wrong order.

    My female MC, a sorcerer, has started to realize just how much she has changed, as a person, over the last twelve months. She is no longer the brash, head strong woman of her youth. She is finally starting to become the person her deceased mentor had always wanted her to become.

    Word count: 501

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