Main part of Create a Culture Clinic is done

I’ve finished the first draft of the main part of the Culture Clinic. I still have to do all the organizational sheets and worksheets and accompanying instructions (a significant task) and I still have to edit and proof. But I’m definitely on track with this book, and I’m very pleased with the way it’s going.

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6 responses to “Main part of Create a Culture Clinic is done”

  1. Angelique Avatar

    I can NOT wait!!! :):):) I hope someday you are able to get these books out into the mainstream. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat in front of the “writing” section at Barnes and Noble hoping something like your series would jump out at me.

    I’ve always thought, and correct me if I’m off in left field on this, that culture creation is half the battle in creating your world. I am more than intrigued about what will be included in your world creation clinic. Feel like dropping any hints? 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    Thanks, everyone. I’m surprised at how excited I am by this one. I figured it would be fun for readers, but writing it is turning out to be wonderful fun for me, too.

    Joel—Start writing. The language clinic is designed to be read and worked through from front to back and in one coherent piece, but the character clinic and the culture clinic (and when I get to it, the create-your-world clinic) present development concepts, then send you in to select the parts that interest you or that you need right at that moment, that you develop as you go.

    But never put of writing to wait for a book. Write, get the book when it’s available, and use as you need and retrofit as you must.

  3. klharrds21 Avatar

    Well done! And it looks like you hit the word count spot on. Good news for all of us who like to buy the hard copies.

  4. joela Avatar

    should i wait until your finished and purchase all your writing books or start on my story now, then order and read all the books for the second draft?

  5. TinaK Avatar

    Yippie! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I’m so glad it’s moving along well for you. Hope you are feeling better from being so sick earlier in the week.

  6. shay Avatar

    congrats! i’m looking forward to reading this handbook when it becomes available.

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