Main Character Transition

Aleksa has discovered having people trying to kill her, in some odd way, agrees with her.

Her life, derailed when she was fifteen, has taken an odd turn suddenly, and she discovers that she has something to live for—that her life has become valuable to her again.

569 words.

How are you doing?

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19 responses to “Main Character Transition”

  1. Lee Avatar


    Having a friend pick the book apart with a critical eye and he’s caught stuff I should be taken out in the woods and shot for…

    In all fairness, there were only maybe a few I missed–mostly antonym goofs that crop up during the flow of writing that you forget to check for during an editing pass.

    *Breathes a sigh of relief that they are being caught before he pushes this puppy out the door*

    final word count: 108K-ish

  2. Lee Avatar

    I haven’t been dilligently keeping track of the number of words I write. Some times it’s a little, sometimes it’s a lot.

    But the first book in the series is finished, just doing minor tweakings and continuity editing.

    The stage is set… The Stith-Jorma, hereditary enemies of the Tien Hegemony are about to do something with the aid of a despot government within the Empress’ empire.

    The Hegemony’s other neighbors, the ancient S’thacans somehow has discovered pre-Shadow Times pristine human DNA exists and they want a sample, citing technology already bartered to the hegemony as leverage. Much of that is proprietary military technology that has allowed the human empire, nearly decimated to extinction by themselves during the Shadow Times to thrive and flourish.

    The Empress is the steward of a great secret, passed down through the generations of her dynasty, and she walks a very thin line in maintaining her empire and keeping her enemies at bay.

    Several key characters (ensemble cast) get a hold of various corners of a sinister plot that will end in an outright invasion of the Tien Hegemony by the Stith-Jorma if it is not discovered.

  3. Michelle Avatar

    1033 for me today. Went very very very quickly – I wondered if my word counter was off when I checked it. 🙂

  4. Gabby Avatar

    I couldn’t seem to settle in today. It’s going away for the weekend that does it and then a tough day at work didn’t help. Plus I’m in a transition scene. I know where I’m going (finally) but bored with the process of getting my characters there. Right now I am unwilling to skip because a few important things need to happen and I’d rather cut the scene later than skip the possible good things. If I had focused on WIP like I was supposed to tonight this wouldn’t be a problem, but instead I avoided the work and now it’s too late at night for me.

  5. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    433 Friday, 0 Saturday, 0 Sunday I have found the fall has become overextended for me between two boys in football, a girl in the theater, both my husband and I working cursillo, and me working a full-time and part-time job. But in the spirit of WABWM, I will continue to chug forward.

  6. Larkk Avatar

    Yesterday, I took my writing on a date and went to a WriMo write-in. I was nervous wreck and I don’t know why, because everyone there was really nice. So all I could do at first was free write—about how nervous I was. All these other people are writing what are probably going to be great novels, and here I am hacking away. And, wow, do they type fast!
    But I did settle into it and got about 2000 words of actual novel and some questions answered about NaNoWriMo. I was not overly pleased with the words I got, but they moved the story forward, and I can go back to them in just a few weeks after this is over!
    Total words for yesterday 2740, and crossed over the 20k mark:)

  7. S. Megan Payne Avatar

    4 100 word drabbles, one of which continues my main story with Salorý deciding whether to make an offering in hopes of regaining her memory.

  8. Adam Avatar

    got started with chapter 20, but the camping trip wiped me out. got home to find out my wife hurt her shoulder and can’t use her right arm. had to do a bunch of things around the house as a result, and couldn’t really focus on writing the way i’d have liked to.

    got 280 words, and the brothers are talking and about to argue about what they should do. This should end up being a pretty short chapter, and the next one isn’t that lengthy either. just the calm before the storm, because after that it will be lots of danger for the whole group.

  9. PolarBear Avatar

    There is that exhilaration factor of cheating death. I hear it can become addicting.

  10. Jessica Avatar

    Close to 2K and broke the 60K mark.
    Got a nice breakthrough when I realized it made more sense to use psychological torture than physical. So there’s a small info dump that I’m hoping doesn’t feel like an info dump. The kicker is that the government agent told Cait the truth – and provided a photograph that proves it (to a degree). As a further twist, she believes him.

    I tried to stay away from making it into a “save the world” story by focussing strongly on Cait and how things impact her life. But to a certain extent I’ve also left the door open for a sequel.

    I came down with sudden aches and a cough yesterday though, and what might have been a fever. I’m hoping to work my way through it (day job and writing) because I can’t afford any more time off. Sick sucks 🙁

  11. Debora Avatar

    Thursday: Celebrated 23rd wedding anniversary.
    Friday: 199 words.
    Saturday and Sunday: Went to war against a sea of leaves with my new leaf blower. Fun!

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck


      1. Debora Avatar


    2. red_dot Avatar

      Congratz!! Did you do anything? Are you planning for your 25th yet?

      I had my 24th we went to the scene of the crime. We went back to Pismo Beach where we fell in love. I got a jacuzzi suite, went wine tasting for the first time. It was fun plus I took her a couple of weeks ago to the U2 concert in Vegas with a limo to the concert. Planning now for 25th.

  12. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    Decided not to write today. Got a fever, feel crap.

  13. Teri Avatar

    982 words for Sunday.

    Princess Laena has presented Baron Zhaer to the king, on his request, and is slightly confused at her father’s reaction to hearing the baron’s name. He doesn’t say anything, but Laena, at least, can see he is tense and unpleasantly surprised. The queen, however, appears overjoyed to meet the son of an old lady-in-waiting she hasn’t heard from in some time.

  14. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    1437 words.

    The Usurper goes on television and gives a speech about how it’s time for a change and how bad the monarchy was. The studio audience cheers. People laugh. People cry. It becomes a part of them. Then he brings out the King and asks what the people want. They want the King dead. So, on national TV, they have a hanging. After signing off, the Usurper thanks the audience for a great job. And then the audience goes out of the hall, change back into their uniforms and join their military units.

    I was a little afraid of this scene. It sets up and foreshadows a lot of the book. But I didn’t want it to turn into just an information dump. I think I included enough descriptive details along with the speech to make it work, especially with the little twist at the end that this wasn’t some random audience of citizens. In the end, a lot of the things that the Usurper has accused The King of doing (and honestly, the King wasn’t exactly a nice person), the Usurper will also do.

    I also got a lot of work in on catching my outline up with things that have changed during the process of writing. I haven’t been diligent with keeping everything in synch. I’ve learned in writing other books that I need to do that or I reach a point where what I’ve got doesn’t match with what I wanted to the point where I don’t know where I’m going. I’m also trying to follow a procedure I read in some book on plot where you initially get a general outline that you want and then you flesh it out as you go along so you’re still flexible and not totally locked in.

    While catching everything up, I found out that there was a plot twist I had planned on adding that I forgot and totally left out. It would be better than what I wrote.

  15. Eve Avatar

    Nothing on my main work, but I did write a 484 word, five minute puppet show script.

  16. Tori Avatar

    I had to write over 3,000 words to make up for not writing yesterday. But now, thank goodness, I am caught up for Nano again and I can breathe easier, at least for tonight. It was a pain getting those words out, but now that they are I am proud I stuck with it and kept writing.

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