Magic system, map, and a good run of words (and where YESTERDAY went)

Not your imagination… Tuesday disappeared down the dark and worrisome tunnel of “something about my mailing lists isn’t working.”

Yesterday I spent all day first figuring out why I had so many folks who weren’t getting emails they wanted… and then the rest of the day building the process by which they can get them.

And can be on the right lists to be invited to things they’ll be able to use or have fun with… like new classes, or new novels.

Today I have to do more of that, but the fire-fighting aspect of yesterday was over and done by end of the workday.

Today’s stuff was pretty small potatoes.

Tomorrow’s stuff on that end is already automated, and will go out to all the folks who haven’t heard from me in a while.


Today was cool. Things about the town in which I’m writing have been poking the back of my mind, and today the realization about what makes my main character’s home THE ONLY PLACE this story could happen broke through.

I worked on the map, I researched the history of the ground and the river (and ancient glaciation, believe it or not), and some other cool things unique to the area — and when I did, I finally understood how the bad guys are doing what they’re doing.

BOOK FOUR, and I just today, about ten minutes ago, finally had all of that click into place.

And I got words. 1386 words of 1250 planned, and out of 1347 needed to (theoretically) finish Book 4 by October 29th.

It has been a very good day.

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