Lulu … {sigh}

By Holly Lisle

For those of you who purchased the print version of Create A Character Clinic before today, odds are that you received a notice via e-mail that said:

Oh my, we regret to inform you that there has been a problem fulfilling your order. You will receive a full or partial refund of your order, depending on how much of the order we can fulfill

If you have any questions please go to your “my lulu” tab, select the order history link, select the “receive status” link, and send your request to our order fulfillment team.


Lulu Support

I got one, too. Turns out Lulu will print embedded fonts in uploaded .pdf files, but only the ones it likes. The rest it won’t warn you about … until people buy the book and it discovers fonts it doesn’t like in the mix. (Can anyone say Perpetua? Or Geneva?)

I have spent the morning going through the e-book version, weeding out the offending fonts and replacing them with fonts Lulu says it likes, and making sure the fonts were embedded, and making sure to redo the page numbers and the table of contents. Argh.

My order now once again says it’s “fulfilling.” Your orders may, too. If they don’t, you have my deepest apologies on this whole confusing business. You’ll either receive a full refund from Lulu, or your order will come back to life and you’ll get the book.

If neither of those things happen, please contact me, and I’ll make it right.

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