Looking up something for my son, and found this auction

Seven of my books, starting bid $4.99

It’s a pretty sweet deal if you can get it for cheap — it includes like-new copies of Sympathy for the Devil and Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, which are a bitch to find anymore (I’ve seen copies of SFTD going for as high as $50, so it could be a really good deal if not too many people bid), plus the complete Arhel series (Fire in the Mist, Bones of the Past, and Mind of the Magic), and, finally, Minerva Wakes and Mall, Mayhem, and Magic.

As of right now, the auction ends in three days and 8+ hours.

(Oh — important note: This is not my auction — I can’t vouch for this guy or anything. He has a good rating, but I have no links to the auction. I just spotted it and it looked like a potential good deal.)

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