Looking Toward the New Year

My goals for the year coming:

Before the end of January

Finish novel crit for Writer X

Before the end of MARCH

Write 50 pages and synopsis for Editor A
Write three chapters and synopsis for for editor B

(These are all solid, must-do goals)

Before the end of the year

(Will happen)
Finish the re-revision of HAWKSPAR, probably but not necessarily before the end of April (waiting on revision letter from editor)
Write the second MOON AND SUN novel (about 60,000 words)
Write the Create A World Clinic (est. 40-50K)

(Speculative at this point—Read as Chinese menu)

Option A
Sell and write REDBIRD (third stand-alone Korre novel) with Tor and Anna (est. 130K), plus one other item from one of the other menus

Option B
Sell and write another paranormal for Penguin and Claire (est. 90K), plus an item or two from other options on the menu.

Option C
Sell and write Refugee for Editor A (est. 150-200K)

Option D
Sell and write two or possibly three pseudonymous novels for Editor B (est. 120K to 200K combined)

Option E
Sell and write Create A Plot Clinic and Storyshowing Clinic and possibly Finish the Book Clinic (est 150K combined)

Option F
Write “C” or “Project Blue” or one or two other novels I have as on-spec novels

Option G
Some complicated combination of two or more of these options.

Remembering all the while that ‘the best-laid plans o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.’


You made any plans for the new year?

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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16 years ago

Quite a list there. I didn’t see any time scheduled for breathing. Might want to add that.
My goals for 2007:
Finish Riding Equipment (tack) For Writers
Driving Equipment For Writers
Polish and begin submitting my YA fiction — Raven And The Rambler
Polish and begin submitting my paranormal mystery — Witches Fly Under The Radar
Start second book in YA — Raven and Rainmaker
Start second book in paranormal mystery –no working title as yet.
I’ll reevaluate this every month or so and tweak as needed.

16 years ago

Just popping back in to tell you to have a Happy New Year.

For some reason, it feels strange to think of today as the last day of the current year.

Anyway, I hope you have a great New Year, and I hope you get to work on those stories you’ve been itching to write for so long.

Happy New Year,


16 years ago

Well I hope you achieve all the goals you set…I’m looking forward to reading all the books you write in the year ahead!

16 years ago

– I’m going back to school after an 11 year break, part-time, while working full-time. Whee!

– Write more. Submit to Viable Paradise.

– Finally hook up with my author mentor.

– Get some freelance writing stuff.

Not that exciting, but part of the 3-5 year plan. 😉

Don’t write yourself into exhaustion this year!

16 years ago

Ooh, hang in there. This year–senior–isn’t that bad, but it’ll still be a miracle when I get out.

Good luck.

16 years ago

“Finish school is the big one. I can’t wait until I’m out of High School”

Oooooh, yes. The cesspool, the authoritarian purgatorium, the underbelly of fluorescently-lit hell.

I’m not out until ’08, but I’m hanging in there.

16 years ago

My goals for the new year are pretty simple.

– Get my driver’s license.
– Get a (well-)paying job.
– Successfully transfer universities.

That’s about it. We’re KISSing it this year.

16 years ago

Here’s hoping that you get to knock out all those writing goals! I hope you get to finish all those projects and I hope you get to do your secret project you’ve been wanting to do so bad.

As for my plans: Finish school is the big one. I can’t wait until I’m out of High School. Then again, then I’ll just be working even more and probably have even less time to write…:( No! I must be positive! Anyway, after that I’m going to work like Santa trying to climb his stairs on the 25th to get my novels finished. Then I’ll be able to breath much easier.

Hope you have a Happy New Year Holly!!!


16 years ago

Here’s hoping you’ll opt for Option C! I enjoy your paranormals, but your fantasy is what put you on my autobuy list and is some of your best stuff. And Talyn is one of my two favorite novels by you (the other is Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood) and I would really love to read another Holly Lisle Big Fat Fantasy.

And about the re-revision of Hawkspar: for the average novel, how many revision cycles have you had to go through, counting your own one pass and those requested by your agent or editor?

Jaye Patrick
16 years ago

My goals are to sell, sell, sell. Oh, and the usual: get more exercise, eat better…

Editing, re-writes and selling – either a novel or short stories – are my top priorities though.

16 years ago

My plans this year focus around my health. I got a handle on my eating this year, so next year the main focus would be to incorporate exercise and loose 40 lbs.

I just finished Talyn (it totally rocked!) so I’d hope to see option A and E happen in 2007.

Happy New Year.

The English Rose
The English Rose
16 years ago

I have goals! Yes! 🙂

– Finish The Novel. (writing/revising)
– SUBMIT The Novel. (This is a big one.)
– Develop and write Historical Novel.
– Write a two-pack of one-act plays.

That’s probably more than I can handle anyway, but I’m flexible. 🙂

16 years ago

I hope you can knock out a bunch of those goals. It’s an impressive list to say the least.

As for my goals, I haven’t thought too much about them yet, but that’s something to do this week so I don’t have to work.

16 years ago

wow that’s a lot of work, wish i had the time to sit down and write something but my plans are on Australia now so writing’s a little slow 🙁

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