Looking for disaster

Today I need an epic battle. With Loki and other old gods on hand, and dark gods come looking to slaughter Lauren and end the worldchain’s hope of revival, and with a bunch of poor mortals thrown into the mix, an epic battle should be within my grasp. But there’s a problem.

The invidious, hideous theme song from Hamtaro is running through my head, complete with the words “… do your best, get a hundred on your test ….” I’ll note, in curmudgeonly passing, that the friggin’ theme song — the closing number from a dreadful cartoon program about heroic hamsters that my youngest child loves — does not lend itself well to anything but thwacking one’s head on hard objects to get it to stoooooopppppppp. It is not epic. It is not even tolerable. So I’m rummaging for the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which had epic grandeur, and great tension, and no mention whatsoever of getting good grades.


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