Vipers' Nest

Longview 5 is DONE! (But isn’t Vipers’ Nest anymore)

I’m going to need some beta readers for the story that was going to be Vipers’ Nest.

So much changed in the writing of it that the Vipers’ Nest in that title turned into a side plot, and the title no longer fits.

As I mention in the afterword (written just a few minutes ago) things change. This time they changed in magnificent ways. But they TOTALLY broke my title, so I’m going to be brainstorming new titles, too.

And because of a rather stupid cleanup of what I though were duplicates of a lot of old text files a month or so ago, I’ve discovered today that my lists of beta readers are gone to the Land of Lost Pixels.

A couple hours of hunting have given me a list of new swear words, but no old lists.

If you want to help me by beta reading / Bug hunting (it’s the same thing) THIS book, here are the steps:

  • If you’re not already on my Everyone In One Place mailing list, sign up here.
  • If you’re already on the list, or once you’ve signed up, watch for the email going out at two PM today, which will also go out again at two PM tomorrow for folks who miss it. It’s going to be titled The Beta Reader / Bug Hunter Invitation.
  • Beta Reader / Bug Hunter is going to be one of the choices in the “Choose your own adventure” game, but I’m still putting that together, and I actually need some bug hunters now.

If you would love to Beta Read/Bug Hunt, but missed this post and are reading after 2PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, don’t worry.

I’m still putting together the Adventure, and once it’s built, everyone on the Everyone In One Place list will get to play through, pick your paths, and start doing some cool things or reading some new things, depending on the adventure you choose.

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2 responses to “Longview 5 is DONE! (But isn’t Vipers’ Nest anymore)”

  1. Murrday Avatar

    Small typo to tweak – Wed. is June 13th.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thank you. If there are numbers involved, the odds are somewhere between Cheese and 730% that I’ll get them wrong.

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