Longview 4: Gunslinger Moon — Free downloadable sample

IN THIS EPISODE: Gunslinger Moon

When freedom is silenced, who speaks for it?

Ex-PHTF slave WE-39R (This Criminal, from Episode 1), renamed Jex, is part of a team the Longview’s owner has tasked with finding the meaning behind Bashtyk Nokyd’s enigmatic final diagram. Drawing the most undesirable assignment, Jex and an unlikely ally fight their way to pieces of the truth.

Want to read the first three chapters to see if you’d like the story?

This is the fourth story in the Tales from the Longview series, and like the others, it stands alone (though you’ll find a much bigger connecting story if you read them in order).

Other stories:

The free PDF sample below is sharable anywhere.

And I hope you enjoy the story.

Longview 4: Gunslinger Moon SAMPLE
Longview 4: Gunslinger Moon SAMPLE
Version: SAMPLE


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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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Marya Miller
5 years ago

Really loved the sample chapters and will pre-order as soon as I get paid. I think the Longview series is your best yet.

Question, though: If we share the sample, what link should we give people so they can come and download it? This page?

Holly Lisle
Reply to  Marya Miller
5 years ago

I’m delighted you enjoyed the sample. Just send folks here. The download will stay put. 😀

And thank you.

Reply to  Holly
5 years ago

I have to admit that this one is my favorite so far!

5 years ago

I have mine on pre-order as well!

Katharina Gerlach
5 years ago

I love, love, love the series and have this installment pre-ordered.

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