Long, Hard Day — BUT… Replotting and WORDS accomplished — 1488 Words, (73,883 TOTAL)

Today I realized that I’d planned and outlined more than I can fit into 90,000 words.

I figured out my number of chapters, figured out that I’m averaging 3000 words per chapter, and had to remove about five segments of story from my existing outline — and now will finish the book in just five more chapters, one of which I wrote a lot of today.

Which meant re-outlining the ending. I’m not doing any cliffhangers in this series. Every single story has to stand on its own, in spite of also holding down a big piece of the action of a whole MUCH larger story that will take place over five books.

But I did the re-outline, tightened up a lot of the action, and replotted the ending.

And discovered that by doing this, I’m gonna have a LOT of fun doing the rest of these chapters.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I plan to.

And I’ll be leaping back into the novel fray with delight and enthusiasm next Monday.

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One response to “Long, Hard Day — BUT… Replotting and WORDS accomplished — 1488 Words, (73,883 TOTAL)”

  1. Mike Lucas Avatar

    Looking good Holly!

    When you say “segments of story” do you mean chapters? Or something at a more granular level? (Maybe something akin to what a lot of writers call “beats” — which sounds so fancy that it took me a long time to learn it’s just a sort of a catch-all that means “a piece of story” without specifying length.)

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