Literature Map

Had never seen the literature map before. I thought it was pretty cool.

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6 responses to “Literature Map”

  1. PolarBear Avatar

    Carter, it keys on how the entry is spelled. In Hamilton’s case, several people typed it into the system in different ways, I think.

  2. Chassit Avatar

    It was funny to see how many times R. A. Salvatore was on there. When I tried S. L. Viehl I got nada, but when I tried Lynn Viehl I got a few. Weird.

  3. LadyQ Avatar

    Oh, fun!

    I think I may have read a book or two by Dickson, but I hadn’t even heard of Jack McDevitt or Robert Doherty. I’m also surprised to see Piers Anthony so close by.

    *goes off to play with it some more*

  4. MerylF Avatar

    Wow that’s fascinating. Interesting how you follow back to older authors and the map really reflects generational reading 🙂 Lovely page.

  5. arrvee Avatar

    If you travel to Laurell K. Hamilton’s map, you’ll find her name in 3 other places besides the center. Does that mean she writes in 4 different styles? News to me.

    I think the map is very cool, indeed. So much for this evening. 🙂

  6. PolarBear Avatar

    The interesting thing is the multiple appearances (and placement) of both R.A. Salvatore and Laurel K. Hamilton.

    Also interesting is how close Robert Doherty is to you. I’ve been planning to read more of him.

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