Line-for-Scene Time

Yesterday I did not write.

No. Let me be more specific. Yesterday I wrote about 400 words, and then the pain from too much yard work the night before rolled me into a tight little ball from which I did not emerge until this morning.

Pain is still present, but it is no longer reshaping me into the Fear-Me-I-Am-Quasimodo form that I assumed yesterday every time I had to get up to eat or deal with life’s necessities.

Today, I am working on the line-for-scene for C. I already have an excellent outline for this book (thanks to my Proposals for Claire Marathon, I now have a bunch of completed outlines for books I want to write, including one for C.) But I need to put the thing into scenes.

  • I want 150,000 words for the book.
  • 1-2 scenes per chapter.
  • 4000-5000 words per chapter.
  • Roughly 33 chapters. (Averaging a chapter at 4500 words)
  • 50-ish scenes (Averaging as 1.5 scenes per chapter)
  • I’ll plan out 66 scenes so I can then select the 50 best.
  • Will write 3000 words per day or better on the first draft.
  • And I will not hurt my back doing yard work anymore. Doing bridges couldn’t even stop the pain yesterday, it was so bad — though it did allow me a few minutes of reduced pain before everything seized up again.
  • And if I stick to the plan, C will be done in 47 days.

So that’s the plan.

And HAWKSPAR will continue to wend its tortuous way toward completion simultaneously, and get the time it needs to be done right.

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