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Life, Pain, Fear, and the Whole Wide World: Breathe In, Breathe Out — 83 Comments

  1. Beautifully said, Holly. Wishing you good news, less pain than you’re expecting, and a full and complete (and quick) recovery. So glad you caught this so early! ((Many hugs coming your way!))

  2. Even in your pain you chose to be uplifting and give hope. A finer example of goodness you cannot find.
    I pray for your recovery and remission. I will miss you. Feel the power of my hope for you.
    Bright Blessings, my virtual friend.

  3. This is sending you prayers and I hope you recover fast and completely. God bless you for touching my life so much with your words.
    Thank you

  4. You are a talented and inspiring ‘special person’ God be with you Holly as we pray and hold you in our thoughts.

  5. Thoughts, prayers, and good wishes for the best possible outcome. Bless you for your courage and your willingness to share your experience with others.

  6. Joy thrives in sunlight and the showers of blessings. A saying: You can’t get wet from yesterday’s rain, you can’t get burned by tomorrow’s sun.

    and sending pillars of light for the best outcome.

  7. I hope – regardless of the outcome – you find recovery easier than you might be afraid it will be, and that you get to enjoy driving everyone around you batty during the ‘I’m better enough to enjoy being coddled’ stage.

  8. As always, your words have stirred sparks in my mind, and brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you for all that you do. You are proof that even though we each inhabit so small a space, the words and hopes and dreams that connect us make us larger than we can even imagine.

    My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. Take care of yourself, and let those who love you take care of you too.

  9. Wiping away the tears. Thank you for that, Holly. My cancer came back (again!!) about the same time your tongue exploded, so I’ve got some idea what you’re going through – emotionally, at least. Please accept my love and long distance Australian hugs. I hope it’s all over after this next surgery and your worst fears never have to be faced!
    I’m halfway through batch one of radiotherapy (again) and the only thing that works is to breathe and to laugh. That’s it. When it’s all done and dusted – the only way to survive is to BREATHE and LAUGH!
    Much love to you,

  10. you are alive with all the joy, pain, fear, hope and accomplishments that go with it. I would like to hug you right now

  11. Best wishes and good vibes for your good health and for your experiencing much less pain than you’re anticipating. :)TX

  12. Beautiful words! You teach us such valuable lessons. Thinking of you and hoping everything goes well for you on Monday.

  13. Holly I wish you peace, going through this procedure and I pray everything will be good again. This is an amazingly powerful piece of writing. Sometimes the smallest moments are all we have. You are an inspiration.

  14. Thank you for your raw honesty and great reminder about what really matters in life! I’ll be sending you good energy on Monday and in the days that follow. Take care of you and don’t come back until you are ready. We will be waiting patiently, because you are worth waiting for. The individual’s world may be small, but you have touched many small worlds just by being you! Blessings to you!

  15. Thank you for this serious reminder, Holly, and for givin’ it to us raw and full of truth. We humans…what a silly self-absorbed lot we are 🙂 ! All the best on Monday; you’re in my thoughts, prayers and meditations.

  16. Thank you, Holly, for your sensible, thoughtful words. Good luck and best wishes for your successful surgery and an easy recovery, but, please, take all the time your body needs.

  17. Let’s make a pact Holly, you and I are facing surgery and uncertainty over the next three weeks. Let us convene somehow and take our 53years of skills and life experience, and say hello to a world where we have a voice, not just a tongue to convey it, , and say hello to the next 30years without health incident, alive and truly kicking on Eart!! Whaddya say? Pain be damned, this has to be done, let’s do it and get it over with, we have the rest of our lives and a tough schedule to keep! Let’s do it together, Holly. It’s scary, we’re small, but by golly, we’re strong as the ant with his rubber tree plant!

  18. Such a moving post, Holly. I do hope you’ll be fine and the pain will be over quickly. Please, take care of you. When it is over and if you can afford it, have a little vacation, even in your own house or overnight camping somewhere in a calm, beautiful, natural place.You deserve it and you need it.

  19. My outlook has changed. You article is so REAL!!!

    I feel for you Holly, and truly wish for you a very long, very healthy, very happy future.

  20. The important thing now is for you to take good care of yourself and get well. The work will still be here when you are ready and so will we.

  21. Oh, I forgot to comment on the issue of putting children into this world. Who else than we, who are trying hard to feel, understand and reflect what happens around us should be better equipped to raise children? Many terrible things happen in this world because of parents who do not give a flying sh… of what happens around them and who just think about themselves. I encourage any couple to create a counterweight to that. In this way, the world can actually become a better place.

  22. You touched the feeling of being in the present, in the now, in spite of pain and unpleasant experiences. Right now, you even remember the joy in your life. That is wonderful. That is a blessing. Understand it as a compensation of all the terrible things you need to go through now and during the coming days. Make good use of your presence in the now. Keep it as long as you can. Joy will come by it self again, and you will forget all the pain and you loose your presence in now – or may be not…?

    You told me in one of your workshops, it is good to focus on candies in my writing process. Candies appear all the time. That is yours now. Enjoy! – and stay strong.

  23. Hello Holly,

    Thank you for sharing this. I can tell it is from the bottom of your heart. I appreciate your putting life in perspective…that we don’t inhabit the whole world, nor do we need to feel guilty because we aren’t something other than what we are. It also helps to remember that we cannot do everything about all the trouble in the whole world. We inhabit our space and that is where we can make a difference. Thank you so much for your honesty..it was such an encouragement to me.

  24. It is excellent to bring children into the world simply BECAUSE it is a world full of pain and misery. Human beings are the only creatures with the consciousness, the awareness, and not to mention the power and creativity and will, to make a difference, to live virtuously, and to really change things for the better.

    So don’t raise monsters–don’t have children if you don’t have a stable, disciplined, loving environment to raise them well in, but if you have that, by all means, society is in great need of human beings. The treasure to the world and to society that one human being is, with all his or her potential, cannot be underestimated.

    Not to mention that, the first world is undergoing a bad crisis right now in terms of an increasingly aging population. Young people are not replacing our retiring population. Fertility rates and birth rates are plummeting. This is the slow societal suicide of contraception and abortion, but we definitely need more people in the world.

  25. What a wonderful read. Thank you for your honesty and your inspiring words. I wish you the best with your surgery. God bless you.

  26. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for this incredible article. Im going to share it with others who are going through a tough time. All my best to you, Holly. Thanks for teaching us not only how to write but also how to live. YOU ARE AWESOME.

  27. Good thoughts and hopes coming your way. As someone battling terminal cancer I really appreciate your thoughtful words. They were what I needed today. Thank you.

    • Like Holly and you, I know pain, although not the same kinds. Since 1973, I’ve had _4_ serious knee injuries and a serious back injury. The back injury has me in a wheelchair and taking narcotics to control pain. Some days, I just (figuratively) “put one foot in front of the other.”
      In spite of all that, I have a Children’s/YA book published to Amazon, and three Recipes for Single And Handicapped cookbooks, waiting for cover art. I also have two other books in progress, even though I’m in a Nursing Home.
      DO NOT give up.

  28. I’ve been discovering this as well. For a time, I wanted to be “responsible” — paying attention to what was happening in the world, trying to find a way to make a difference, but I’m slowly reaching the conclusion I can’t do that, nor should I even try. I can, however, affect the very small space around me, so maybe I should focus on that.

    Time to eliminate the things that don’t fit in my life anymore — some never did fit. Moving forward.

  29. Prayers and well wishes to you, Holly. Your newsletters and courses are amazing, as are you. Take time to heal, we’ll be waiting through your recovery. Keep us posted so we can give back to you the inspiration you’ve given us in our writing worlds.

  30. Hugs to all of you – I am a lucky one right now and in no pain. I have noticed that it is like we are all on swingboats that go uo and down at dif’ times – in all the groups in which we exist we rarely have the same thing going on at any one time – may be that is so some can support and some be supported – don’t know but I know we will all be writing hard while you are feeling crook then if we can’t do anything else for you right now you can know you have inspired this big tough gang to get going. Best Wishes from down on the farm in sunny Dorset UK MC 🙂

  31. I’m with Melinda. I really needed to hear this today as well.
    Stumbling through chronic pain myself right now and I needed the reminder. The pain is temporary–nothing but a moment.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks for doing what a writer does and putting yourself out there for the rest of us to tune into. I admire your tender toughness.

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