Life, and hell and what it isn’t, and the one Rule of Thumb… 1358 words today, 51,684 total.

By Holly Lisle

I came up today with a good working definition of what Hell isn’t… and got my characters all the way out of the mess I left them in last week by going through… well, that… (though of course with the seeds of the bigger mess already coming at them because of having lived through last week’s mess).

And I also got all my other stuff on the list done, in spite of having ignored “words first” today. 

The outline I built for this book is exactly like the outline I built for the first two, in that I am only using it as a wall off of which to bounce better ideas.

As such, it’s a pretty good wall, because every single time, I look at what I’d planned for the scene, and my mind shows me the “something better” that still fits inside the structure, but that is unexpected, and darker or funnier or sometimes both.

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