Lies and Heroes

By Holly Lisle

I had to ask myself, “What happens when my hero hides a terrible truth? And how could she tell a lie about this, and still remain heroic? Why would she lie? What is she hiding?”

Tonight I started in on adding to the section I finished last week. She’s getting deeper on me…my objective is to continue to keep her someone people can relate to. And she has to remain heroic—I loathe antihero protagonists, and have no wish to turn her into one. (Antiheros are not lovable rogues, incidentally. They’re protagonists who commit villainy, while their authors make excuses for them. Stephen R. Donaldson’s despicable Thomas Covenant was a true antihero.)

So…I got 440 words, and could have kept going, but I hit a decent break point and quit for the night.

I know where I’ll pick up tomorrow, and why. I’ve found the core of her darkness, and how it’s shaped her into the woman she is. And I’m growing to understand how she will come to make the choices she does later in the book. I’m pleased with what I got tonight.


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