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Lessons from the Fall: Beta Test Hell — 7 Comments

  1. Sigh. Sorry, I’m one of the ones who did it first and not the second or third time. I was off at BayCon, and could only manage the one run before I left, so there’s that possibility too of timing against other people’s invisible schedules :). They were short run tests.

    Frustrating it didn’t work, but absolutely thankful for Dan who will let you focus on what is your sweet spot :).

  2. Holly, I have to give you respect and kudos for keeping on trying to make the site better for everyone. Making a site is not as easy as all the demo videos show it to be and is a lot of work and fiddling to keep up with all the updates and changes that happen to browser ware as you go along. I built and maintained 12 websites for about 7 years before I got out of the biz. One big lesson learned is set your format and keep it there…don’t try to keep tweaking on it to satisfy all of your customers. They have a responsibility to learn to use something and after a few times it will be comfortable for them.

    I’m glad you saw the light and are going back to what you do so very well…write and teach. Best wishes and I hope the decision relieves the stress and migraine.

    • On Holly keeping on:

      When I was first getting to know Holly, a white tornado I know, told me “Holly is dynamic.” When I heard a tornado call Holly “dynamic”, it grabbed my attention and has held on every since. Among other things, it means Holly amazes me every day with her pace and wisdom. I am looking forward to her system being fixed and I hope it will contribute to a lessening of her migraines

    • Thanks, Kyralae.

      I cannot begin to describe how happy I will be to put the sites into Dan’s hands and focus on writing: both fiction and courses.

      I suspect the stress relief from stepping away from website design and maintenance, which I’ve been doing non-stop since 1996 simply as a means to an end, and not because I enjoy it, will give me some significant improvements in health and headache-relief.

        • Glad my words were positive for you. I was one of those in my workplace that was the go-to to get it done and it kept piling up till I hit a wall. My brain shut down…they drove me home cause I was incoherent. The docs pulled me out of the workplace for 6 months to heal. When I went back they still had my primary job for me but had hired 3 new employees to fill the other stuff I was doing. Yeah, over achiever overload. Write with joy and let others help.

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