Less Than a Thousand Words to Go

It’s been running pretty well this morning. Got a lovely twist on betrayal and trust. I’ve been working without an outline for a while now, just pursuing this where it will take me. I know where I’m going to end up, but not how I’m going to get there.

It’s been interesting.

People I didn’t expect to die have died, and people I thought I liked turned out to be lying bastards and my poor characters have gotten just flattened by stuff I never saw coming.

How well all of this will flow in the readthrough, I have no idea. At this point, I’m going back to previous sections in search of names and details, and crashing into whole huge chunks of the book that I don’t actually remember having written. The basic story line — yeah. I remember that. But I read the words and it’s like a stranger borrowed my hands and wrote them while I was out.

Fortunately, so far, from the glimpses I’ve caught, the stranger hasn’t screwed things up too badly.

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