Learn How To Create A Professional Plot Outline

By Holly Lisle

Whether you’re new to writing or you’ve been working at it for years, you’ve faced the hurdles of plotting. You weren’t sure what happened next in your story, or how to keep the action interesting, or where your story went wrong, or why.

We’ve all been there. I just don’t like spending time there.

So I spent years perfecting my system for getting my plot in order without driving myself crazy.

It would be easy, since you’re here, to assume that you know me.

If you don’t, my name is Holly Lisle and I’m a full-time pro novelist. I’ve published more than 30 novels with imprints of Time-Warner, NAL, Harpercollins, Baen, Tor, and Scholastic for a whole lot of years now. I have more than a million books in print, I’m published in many languages around the world.

I’ve been helping writers work toward realizing their own writing dreams for about as long.

I love writing, I love helping other writers improve their work and pursue their writing goals. This is one of the ways I do that.

This course is currently unavailable while undergoing revision and expansion. You can find what I have currently available here.

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