Late starts always worry me

I know what I want to write today, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have 2500 words to cover, and it’s already damned late.

Checked out OS X for the Mac, along with Word 2002 — workable, attractive, and when the new LCD-screen IMac comes out, it will be the system I’ll probably go to. The fact that the new Mac OS is based on Unix is part of the selling point for me; I’d considered going from my WinCrap machine to Linux, but nice as the Linux system is, it doesn’t have support for the software I use. I use Word, and I use Dreamweaver, and I haven’t found anything yet that’s comparable to either.

As for Windows, why am I leaving it? In a nutshell, XP. My old system is getting progressively buggier and more unreliable, I want something better, but new Winboxes come with XP. I’m not going to migrate to any system where the copy protection is so restrictive that you have to register, where reformatting and reloading the OS the fifth time will require you to purchase a new version, where the machine is capable of sending pictures of your financial software, passwords, or other private data without you realizing it’s being sent.

Screw Bill Gates. I’m done. Time to move on.

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