Late start, clear goals

Spent some time earlier today outlining the next bit of the book — I know where I want to go with tonight’s writing, and I would love to get there quickly. Today’s delay came about primarily because of a brutal headache that has, thankfully, now subsided, but also because we were out doing errands.

But, hey, I’m cool. I have direction, I have Gummy Bears, I have my Arizona RxEnergy Herbal Tonic (a surprisingly flavorful drink with waaaaaaaay too much caffeine in it, so I’m good to go.

Tonight, Seolar directs the retreat under heavy enemy fire, and he and Lauren participate first-hand in some of the horrors of war. I don’t expect tonight to be a lot of fun — I get emotionally involved in my stories, and hate to write the grim bits. But I do expect it to be a good couple of scenes.

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