Last stages before pub

By Holly Lisle

Thanks to the comments, suggestions, questions, and edits of Heather and Christian, the two beta-testers for the Create A Culture Clinic (both of whom nailed their deadlines—thank you both!), I’m now deep in the final revision before publishing the e-book.

Quick comments from the beta-testers:


This is absolutely fabulous. I write present-day, and had always sort of assumed I didn’t need to worry about “that culture stuff”. The detailed questions hit every aspect of life I could imagine, and a bunch I couldn’t, and I already see tons of ways to incorporate culture into my writing.

My head is spinning. This is definitely a resource that I will use again and again. I am doing final edits (using SOMEBODY’S “One pass revision” process) on two novels at the moment, and I want to redo both of them to make their cultures more rich. (I shall not, though. What I’ll do is use the clinic on my NEXT novel. 🙂


While I didn’t initially feel a connection to the subject matter, I found that it really helped me to get over an issue I’ve been having with my current novel project in which I have created a supernatural culture that I hadn’t fleshed out completely. Using a modified version of your clinic, I was able to do some slight reworkings in the storyline and solve the issues! Yay!

Will make the book available as soon as humanly possible.

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