Last stages before pub

Thanks to the comments, suggestions, questions, and edits of Heather and Christian, the two beta-testers for the Create A Culture Clinic (both of whom nailed their deadlines—thank you both!), I’m now deep in the final revision before publishing the e-book.

Quick comments from the beta-testers:


This is absolutely fabulous. I write present-day, and had always sort of assumed I didn’t need to worry about “that culture stuff”. The detailed questions hit every aspect of life I could imagine, and a bunch I couldn’t, and I already see tons of ways to incorporate culture into my writing.

My head is spinning. This is definitely a resource that I will use again and again. I am doing final edits (using SOMEBODY’S “One pass revision” process) on two novels at the moment, and I want to redo both of them to make their cultures more rich. (I shall not, though. What I’ll do is use the clinic on my NEXT novel. 🙂


While I didn’t initially feel a connection to the subject matter, I found that it really helped me to get over an issue I’ve been having with my current novel project in which I have created a supernatural culture that I hadn’t fleshed out completely. Using a modified version of your clinic, I was able to do some slight reworkings in the storyline and solve the issues! Yay!

Will make the book available as soon as humanly possible.

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    The English Rose


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    Yay! I just HAD to check again and see if you’d posted yet before I left for work. I like the way you’re skirting jinxes today… “humanly possible”.

    Have a great day! (Mine will be good— I don’t live near water! Everything is flooding… one highway is gone (so no short route to our mountain to ski or snowboard or sled this winter) and with at least another week of rain projected, we’re almost certain to have more slides.)

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