Last night, more research. Today …. ugh!

Today the work gets heavy. Along with 2000 words on the romance novel, I have to start in on revisions on The Wreck of Heaven. I’ve given myself a couple of days to figure out how I was going to do them — now I have to put the plan into action. It’s probably going to entail adding an extra 15,000 words or so to the book. Whee.

Oh — since Diana didn’t ask me to think up alternate titles, I did a search on The Wreck of Heaven, just to make sure it hadn’t been used by anything huge.

In fact, to my surprise, it apparently hasn’t been used as a title before at all. But I did find the phrase in a quote, and the quote is surprisingly fitting to the book. Here it is —

Fiat Justitia, ruat coelum, says another maxim, as full of extravagance as it is of harmony: Go heaven to wreck — so justice be but done: — and what is the ruin of kingdoms, in comparison of the wreck of heaven?

Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (link to what he’s written)
Jeremy Bentham — (1748-1832) (link to his biography — you gotta take a look, especially at the Auto-Icon part ::shudder::)

I found it interesting that I was running down some of the same philosophical paths as an 18th-19th century legislative writer, and that we hit on the same turn of phrase to describe a powerful but hard-to-explain concept. Weird, but interesting.

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