Last day of the year… and about ready to get back to work

It hasn’t been the best year in my life. It hasn’t been the worst, either.

I wrecked four first drafts of my Ohio Series (books two through five) by exuberatant pantsing.

After a longish Think Week and some time spent away from fiction writing and away from deadlines, I’m rested and ready to go through OHIO BOOK TWO, and finish up that revision.

I’m not going to make any judgements on Three through Five until I’ve read them. There will be some salvagable stuff. There always is.

Probably not a lot.

I updated my blogging software to the next version. From my end, since I’m not a power user, it’s essentially “same software, different-shaped logo”.

In an app I want to NOT make my life difficult, that’s the best possible outcome.

If you’re looking for something like that, this is a shout out to Red Sweater Software and MarsEdit. Not an affiliate link — I don’t make a dime if you buy it. But when you can move seamlessly from Version Four to Version Five of a piece of sofwware without folks being damned determined that you’re going to get all the new bells and whistles right in your face… when, in other words, you get to just keep working rather than re-learning everything you knew — that company deserves thanks.

Have done the rest of my work for the day, and I am now going to go crawl under the big wool blanket I’m knitting, and work on it wrapped in the warmth of it. It’s cold here. I’m glad.

Cold is my excuse to knit up all the wool I have… so I can buy more.

Have a great New Year.

I’ll be back on Monday, doing year goals and planning out my work (as much as that’s possible).

One of my goals is to blog more. There will be others… but you’ll get them when I decide they’re worth the committment.

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One response to “Last day of the year… and about ready to get back to work”

  1. DKoren Avatar

    Happy New Year, Holly! Looking forward to hearing how work on the Ohio series goes in these rewrites.

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