Larissa Ione Auction Update

By Holly Lisle

In the Larissa Ione fundraiser, here’s the link to my soon-to-close manuscript crit, my still-have-some-time manuscript crit, autographed Midnight Rain, autographed Last Girl Dancing, autographed complete WORLD GATES trilogy, and the link to all the other auctions.

Popping this back up to the top so people can find it. This is to help a writer and her family left homeless by Katrina. Please bid if you can.

For rare-signature collectors, I’ll note that I’ve autographed roughly thirty books in the last six or seven years — total — and rarely get out to autograph, so at this point signed books by me are fairly rare.

Also, noticed that PBW has a manuscript crit for auction up now, too. Don’t miss your chance to bid on that.

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