Language brakes

By Holly Lisle

Rolling along, close to wrapping up for the day, I hit a situation. No. A Situation.


Had this lovely scene going, and suddenly I realized that it could not, could not, take place in the language in which it was taking place. It would have been sloppy, it would have been cheating … and worst of all, it would have wrecked an absolutely awesome opportunity to mess with my characters’ minds.

Couldn’t pass it up. So I’m done with words for the day as I build the Sun Wizards’ language, vaguely hinted at in book one. In the current book, though I will not be using the language heavily, I do have to have it worked out. It’s critical to the plot.

And to messing with my characters’ minds.

Will post a Friday Snippet later. For now, I’m doodling on my Reductionary Alphabetization sheet and making funny noises at myself.

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